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Life´s Road Trip


Imagine your life was mapped, that you knew what you came here for.

When we as humans feel we need a break from our environments, we go on holiday. This part is expensive, and much of the lower class folks can’t afford (not at least without major sacrifices)

The most exciting part about going on holiday is being on holiday, the other part is planning and preparing. You have to have a destination where you want to go, the route you’re gonna take, make sure you have enough fuel to get there if it’s far and there are no petrol stations for some reason. Luckily with technology today some of these things can be easily figured out, a GPS system will be preferred by many, but for those who like things old school a road map is also good as long as it’s up to date.

Now… when you’re embarking on a journey, you need to plan. You must have a clear plan of where you’re going, how long you plan on being there and have spare tires (with a person who knows how to change them) and have all your food and drink supplies for the road or cash to buy along the journey. If these things are set in place you should be ready to get going.

Imagine for a moment life was like that. Before you are born, while your parent/s are planning you, they have a clear plan for your life, where you are to start where you are to end (with many different routes planned out and all the supplies you’ll ever need) Yes with anticipation that some things can or might go wrong, hence the ‘spare tire’. However, all in all you’d have a general idea of what is going on. Having to look at the map of your life knowing that you’re now half way through your journey, instead of wondering why you are here and why things are not working out, you’d most probably have peace instead of dismay and panic. In this time of the pandemic you’d know how much the lock-down is setting you back and how you can make up for that time when things recover.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I wish I knew when this pandemic would end, if it will, and which direction would my life take thereafter. I do wish I knew what was coming ahead and how much time I had left. Like baking a Cake, you have to do it right in order for it to come out right.

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