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Mysterious existence


Why are we here?

The existence of everything is something that will always be a mystery. No amount of written letter, religious books or scientific evidence will ever prove to be true (at least not among the living) Why? Well… The lack of common truth is evidence enough that no one really knows what is going on, nor what comes after death. Tooth fairies are characters created by us the same way we created religion. Maybe you ask me: What kind of life would it be if I don’t believe in god? Well… You never know until you know, and that’s the beauty of it.

Imagine one random morning you read an article that tells how the world was created and everything related to life. Many people will find ways to create their own worlds and perhaps you’d think that it’s cool. However, knowing the human heart and it’s never ending greedy desires by nature, this should not ever happen. Just imagine the horrors that would befall all those living in such a world.

I like to think that when we die, we find out only then what’s on the other side. This makes me look forward to after death. Life is like reading a book, a page is a day and the story unfolds as you read each page (you live each day) until the day when the story ends and you have to close the book. In the meantime, try and enjoy the ride.

There is nothing wrong in believing in religion, just grow when you feel your heart leading you to, all those questions you ask about god, about your faith, it’s a sign that your heart is growing, and don’t force yourself just for the sake or because you’re afraid of hell or whatever consequence awaits you otherwise. Holding on is like refusing to read the next page of the book because you liked what you just read, if you stop reading the book there you will always have the incomplete version of the story and at this point you have taken from yourself. Just continue reading, the story will make sense as you go along, I promise.

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