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The 2 Types of Depression


I have mentioned before that, these posts are centered on my experience, so if you’re looking for the world’s statistics, this is not the right place.

I noticed that during my dark depressed days, I experienced two different kinds of depression:



1. Hidden depression is dangerous because the sufferer is not aware, so the people around them might not pick it up.

When it goes on for too long unattended it’s like a bomb just waiting for that particular moment to explode. These kind of people are more likely to get involved in dangerous activities in order to die by accident, or pure neglect of the body in order to die from health complications (suicidal). These will be found a lot amongst religious people where suicide is condemned and leads to hell. Not in all cases but more often than not. These are the people which if they commit suicide it comes out of nowhere for loved ones, leaving them with many unanswered questions.

Common signs:

  • Neglect of mental state: Taking everything which hurt them and burying it in a mental grave, they don’t like to talk or think about it.
  • Neglect of self-care: They don’t groom themselves any more.
  • Neglect of relationships: If they are single they don’t care about relationships (they don’t trust people). If they are married they are just there because where else would they be? The love for their partner has died or is just numb. If they have children, they are simply not the priority.

2. Exposed depression is dangerous because although the sufferer is aware, they cannot escape, sometimes even when people around them try to help. It just takes too long time, time you might not have.

Common signs:

  • Neglect of mental state: Although willing to sort things out, they may find it difficult to open up, especially to people they don’t have a good relationship with.
  • Neglect of relationships: They may find it difficult to pull their weight in a relationship, friendships falls apart, socializing goes out of the window and if they have children they too will be neglected in some way.
  • Neglect of self-care: They don’t groom themselves any more.
  • Suicidal: They often think of harming themselves, they may attempt suicide, they may end their lives.

Take away: Depression is not an easy mental disorder to face or understand, many people who suffer from it commit suicide. It’s important for loved ones left behind to deal healthily with it by not blaming themselves or trying to turn back time.

At some point we are all going to die, and even though the purpose of life is not known, the obvious purpose is to live, to live healthy and happy lives. This is unfortunately not possible for everyone, some of us are born in terrible circumstances which keep getting worse and getting away from them becomes harder as we grow up. Taking your life should never be something that a person thinks of.

How can we fix this?

We can help others who are in the same boat as us see the little bit of light that we see, who knows? Maybe we will all walk out the house (read my depression posts to understand the house) around the same time, and we can look back at our experiences and be there waiting to help others still struggling in the house. It’s never too late to reach out.

To those who wants to help loved ones, the key is to never give up, and don’t allow them to push you away, they need you more now than ever. It’s not them pushing you away, it’s the illness,that way it can get them in a lonely and dark space and then finish the job.

You should reach out to your doctor (if you suspect that you may be depressed) and discuss your symptoms and they can diagnose and try treat you accordingly.

Thank you for stopping by.


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