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The Art of Black and White


Some things will be black while some will be white.

Some people will struggle while others will succeed.

Some babies will be born while some will be miscarried.

Some people will take their own lives while others will be murdered.

Some people work for their things while others steal instead.

Some peoples paths are crooked while other peoples paths are straight.

Some people will die young while others will grow old.

Some people will get married while others wont.

Some people will be brainwashed while others will carve out their own paths.

Some people will love animals, while others abuse them.

Some give life, some destroy it.

Some look for answers, others don’t care.

Sometimes it’s day, sometimes it’s night.

Some people overeat while others starve.

The one light is the Sun, the other is the Moon.

Some people are kind, while some are evil.

This scale of life is not balanced, on each of the end is either good or bad, black or white, light or heavy, but cannot be both. This means unless something drastic changes, you cannot expect life to be fair, not while we are still eating each other for food(Check out my post on Food). The struggle remains the same, in one country they have food fights while in another country they fight for food.

There are many people out there who while experiencing something uncomfortable they ask: Why me? The question I have for them is: Who then?. Pain is everywhere, even the richest of the rich feel it, they too may ask occasionally ‘Why me?’. Don’t you see it? This is how life is at the moment, imagine just being happy all the time, with no sadness, that too will become weird, and you will yearn for tears and discomfort, the same way a poor man yearns for riches. On the other hand imagine just being sad, all the time, you will eventually want it to end too.

So what is wrong with life you ask me?

Life is not balanced, it’s like having an electric cable that has no ground, on one end someone/something has to be fried.

While some may see this post in a complete negative light, I see it as an eye opener for me, to prepare myself for anything, not to be blinded by what I want and what I wish the world could be, but have realistic expectations and understand that sometimes I will win, while other times I will lose. When I lose I will be sad and maybe even cry, however, at the same time I will train myself to celebrate for the person that won. It’s unfair that we have to compete with each other in the first place.

Have a good day further and remember to have hope even when things don’t make sense, one day it will be your turn to win, and your tears will be wiped and replaced with a smile and joy deep inside. For now, just keep being you to the best of your ability and be sure to be kind to yourself.

Thank you for reading this post.

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