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Why Some Commit Suicide?


What is suicide?

When a living organism takes it’s own life, from a Cat to a Whale and everything else that lives.
There are many people who think that people who kill themselves are cowards, and some people believe that people who kill themselves should not be mourned, because they took their own lives. Some people even think that suicide is a sign of weakness. All of this stems from lack of understanding, and for change to come, someone must be passionate and demand change, and I guess that someone is Me about Depression.
As one who attempted suicide, I can say that standing on the other side of the fence, all I ever wanted was someone to reach out, someone to see my pain, someone to understand what I was going through, take my hand and lead me out of that dark place.

No happy person will take their own life.

Why would you take your life if your mind is at rest? Why would you take your own life if your mind is healthy? Why would you take your life if you are happy?

There is a reason we fear death, there is a reason we fear pain because both those things are unpleasant. That is why you would see a deer running away form a lion because it is unpleasant to be killed, it’s better to just keep on living right?
Yet in this “advanced” world, mental illness is also barely understood, and I am here attempting to change that.

Take Cancer for example. Let’s say you have seen someone who has Cancer and maybe you have lost someone to Cancer.

Do you ever think that they killed themselves with the Cancer? Do you ever think that they were the ones who were losing their hair, by themselves by choice? Struggling to keep food down by choice? Struggling to keep the weight by choice? Spending countless hours and days wasting away by choice? Of course not. It is Cancer, the disease that takes over the healthy cells of the body and turns them into killing machines. It slowly takes the person life until there is almost nothing left. Some people are lucky to make it out the other side with support and treatment if their bodies respond well, some people are not so lucky.

Why Some Commit Suicide?

Well… what makes people kill themselves? Maybe you could think that they are unhappy about where they are in life, or they are unhappy because of the bad things they went through, or I don’t know, whatever you can think of. There are many unhappy people in this world that manage to live everyday and change their situation. So it is not unhappiness that makes people kill themselves, but an illness. THAT ILLNESS IS DEPRESSION.

If you don’t know what Depression is, let me tell you what Depression is. Depression is like Cancer, BUT, Cancer of the mind. It can come from anywhere, what I mean by that is: it can be caused by anything, people losing their jobs, losing a loved one, or a child going through their parent’s divorce. Anything terrible can lead anyone to Depression, and when left untreated (imagine not treating Cancer at all, and just hoping for the best, or not taking it seriously), this leads to death. Just like Cancer or any disease for that matter.

So, I want to educate you, so you can help yourself, help your loved ones. So next time when you hear someone hung themselves, shot themselves or did whatever to take their own life, you should remember that Depression killed them, because if they weren’t Depressed, they would not do that, it just makes no sense.

The only difference between Depression and Cancer is, because Depression is only in the mind, it must affect the mind, it tells the person what to do. Depression cannot come and shoot you because it is not physical, but it can tell you in your head to shoot yourself because it is in the mind (I have more posts on Depression if you wanna check them out) Whereas Cancer does the physical damage itself, no middle man.

Please don’t forget that this is MY experience, I cannot represent everyone’s stories because I don’t know everyone. If you are Depressed and are struggling, write down what you feel, at least you will be studying your own mind 🙂 and maybe what you find helps someone navigate their hard life.

It is sad that we have have flying machines and boats that completely submerge in water, but we think Depression and suicide is cowardly. Our priorities are not in the right place. Until this changes, we will perish. Even if you are rich, sitting in that soft chair and all the servants bringing you whatever you want, Depression can still get to you, it can still take your mind. And everything you ever loved and cherished, can turn into ashes and turn into something you never want to do or see again.

My biggest fear is that one day people will get too carried away by the physical/material things and forget about the mind. When that happens, Depression will be there waiting with open arms and a gaping throat waiting to swallow anything with a mind. According to my experience, Depression is the greatest threat to humans* because it targets the mind (when your mind is not in the right space, everything else will battle to find it’s place). Depression knows no limits, race, gender, species, etc. Other animals commit suicide too, read about it. The Cancer of the mind is gonna kill each and every living thing that has a mind. We think we are the smart ones, I think it is time we pioneer a different way to deal with the mind, not just make people think they are happy, but target Depression. We have to go to war with Depression, because it is at war with us, not to tranquilize it, but to kill it.

There are so many Depressed people out there who need help and need support, if you are reading this post and you feel it was informative to you, please share it around, because we all deserve to see the light.

Someone fix that 2

* 2020 has been a rough year, a lot of things have gone wrong and affected lots of lives on a global scale. This will leave some people traumatized and dealing with versions of themselves and of life they never knew existed, combined with daily struggles just to survive, things have taken a strange turn. Imagine things keep getting worse from here on for the next few years, I can see a large number of people getting Depressed and we know where that usually leads. Just think about it: Depression can end the human race by our own hand through our minds, we might not even know what hit us until it’s too late.

A quick side note: there are cases where people are brainwashed into suicide, such as in cults, terrorism and such. Brainwashing targets the mind too, so the people doing the brainwashing in those cases must be the “Depression”.

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