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What is it, who eats it, and where does it come from?

When it comes to eating, we as humans tend to view it from a disconnected perspective. What do I mean by that you may be wondering? Well… Think about your daily food intake, maybe you eat flesh, or perhaps you only eat vegetables, or you only eat fruits, wait… maybe you only eat fruits and vegetables only after they fall off the plant because you believe in whatever that compels you to eat that way. Perhaps you only eat vegetables or no animal products because you don’t like how other animals are treated or how they live before they end up in people’s plates. Maybe you even decided to just eat organic because this makes you feel better as you know, think or believe that the animal in your plate had a better life, some even call it free range and perhaps it’s true. It’s weird that knowing that a piece of chicken in our plate was just running around a few minutes, hours, days and even months ago, makes us feel better about eating it, so we accept it because of our perception of food. There are so many diets out there and some serve purposes for which they were created, while some are total scams.

So… what is food?

Well… the shortest answer is: Everything that lives is food. Yes, including you reading this now, and it’s okay. You may be feeling a little weird after reading that, so let me say it again in a more reassuring way: You and I along with everything that lives are food! Yes food. To a hungry lion, shark or bear you and I are food. Perhaps when you hear of a Deer that gets eaten by a Crocodile you may be thinking…Lions eat… well… anything with meat on, humans eat Chickens and everything else all around the world, Cows eat grass, etc. However you never really think of yourself as food, not only are humans food to other larger animals, but we are also food to worms, flies and every creepy crawly that comes for our decomposing bodies after we are dead. Then in all general senses we are food to all the plants and grass that the Cows and Chickens end up eating. So… What is food? We are all eating each other, in different times and time-lines, even if we eat plants, we are eating a living thing. Think of it this way, plants have leaves to get energy from the sun so they can live, a cow eats the grass to get energy that the plant has converted from the sun because a Cow cannot eat from the sun, WE can’t eat from the sun. So we take what other animals have converted and eat that, just as after we die, we will be converted to ground the same way compost is made to feed the new plants, those new plants eat old and decayed plants to grow as they too got recycled the same way plastic is recycled. It’s never really the same bottle of water you drank out of, but it is still a water bottle, maybe it’s got a better grip, maybe it’s a little bit bigger or smaller but it’s recycled. Moreover, it’s possible that it’s not recycled to a water bottle again, maybe this time it’s has been made into a bunch of spoons along with other plastic water bottles. Anything is possible. If you are easily offended, this is where you should stop reading! Otherwise, let’s really get into the meat of things.

Who eats food?

Most living things eat living things. Some living things have preference, like some creatures eat Crocodile and Frogs, while others don’t, others eat plants, while others only eat flesh. The same with us humans, some eat just flesh, while others eat just plants, and then you get those who eat both flesh and plants altogether. If you really look into it you’ll see that there is no better person than the other. A Vegetarian is no better than a flesh eater because we are all just eating food. ‘Wait… what did you just say? Coz I stopped eating flesh because I did not want to take a life.’  Hmmm!!! Well then, you must be eating rocks because ANYTHING you eat is a living thing, even if you nibble on it the same way you harvest spinach leaves (a few leaves at a time) which in a way is cruel in its own way. Imagine chopping off a Cow’s rear legs and saying, at least the cow is still alive, or chopping a chicken’s wing leaving the chicken running around and then cooking that. Food is food (living things) and we all eat it. The world would be a better place if we all stopped pointing fingers at who is eating better or not. Plants are living things too and I doubt they think every day of how they want to be killed and cooked. So, the next time you eat that potato or that steak, really appreciate it because it went through a lot just to get to you. Are we made to eat each other? It seems that way.

 Where does it come from?

As much as I want to answer this question right now, I am going to make the assumption that by now you know the answer yourself.

What about the animals suffering?

If you really think about it, all living things are suffering. It is sad that we are made to eat each other, and that plants have to grow roots and push through hard ground to get nutrients which at the end gets stolen from them by humans and other animals alike.

Who is advocating for the suffering plants? Who is advocating for the many plants out there that get poisoned with chemicals just so they can be eaten? Who is advocating for the many vegetables that get swallowed on a daily basis all around the world? Who is advocating for the microbium living in our guts only eating what we eat? What about what they want? When we want to pick fights we are sure to find a “victim” in order to punish the “perpetrator”, when the truth is we are simply just bored as we have no idea why we are alive. The next logical thing to do is find things to kill time. We go to school, get jobs, and start families, “have “pets’ coz by ourselves we are simply lost. After all, who is advocating for you and I? The struggles in our lives? What about our dreams? All the goals we have failed to achieve? The fact that we are amidst a pandemic and we are all stressed out like egg laying chickens and the cows and pigs, the wheat and tomatoes along with all the fruits and vegetables out there, like the rodents and all creatures that are also affected by this pandemic even without our knowledge?

Point is: We are all food, we are all suffering in our own way (the animals living meaningless lives in cages just to end up in our plates, the plants pushing through hard ground to get nutrients which then gets stolen by us and other animals alike, living in overcrowded spaces in risk of diseases and chemical poisoning in the name of pesticides, getting mutilated time and time again in the name of harvest, humans living in overcrowded spaces filled with crime because of lack of resources and the imbalance of wealth between the rich and the poor, along with the meaningless wars that soaked the very land you stand on in blood, and the other animals out there some in our homes in cages and tanks for human amusements, living in fear not knowing where their food will come from, having to hunt and kill others just to survive, even though we all don’t know what we are surviving for) and the fighting and quarreling over each other’s choice of food is absolutely not necessary.

The main point of this post is not take the human or animal rights away, but to balance the scale. If you have made a choice not to eat flesh coz you don’t like animals suffering, you are contributing to a cause and that is good, but keep in mind that this starts a whole new cause, for the vegetables and fruits you eat. Therefore, don’t judge the person next to you for eating flesh, they are doing exactly what you are doing, just trying to survive.

You know… if you take time to think about it, fighting each other over opinions, choice of food, who we choose to love and how we choose to do it, how we choose to live our lives and all those useless issues we have weaponed (new word) against each other is a waste of time… We are all in the same boat, dancing to the same song and going to the same destination. What we do with our time to make our journey bearable, as long is does not inflict harm to another should not be of another’s concern. Life is already hard, so hard and so painful, and we should save our anger, frustrations and hatred for those that put us in this world (after death) and if you are still alive, you can stop this trend by not reproducing, don’t bring another soul to this world, the power lies with YOU!

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