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Traditionally, when we play games we are limited to mashing buttons on a controller/keyboard and moving our mouse/joystick. For controller players specifically, without the assist of auto-lock, shooting can be a bit of a frustrating process. You have to finely control the joystick until your crosshair is nicely aligned with the target and then smash the button. Headshots, particularly, can be a nightmare with a controller. This is a big reason why many keyboard and mouse players don’t want to touch a controller as using a mouse just makes things so much simpler/better. Well, perhaps not anymore.

JoyShockMapper is a tool created by JibbSmart that allows the user to use their PS4 Dualshock 4 Controller, Nintendo Switch JoyCons or Nintendo Switch Pro Controller in an unconventional way. These controllers all have 3-axis gyroscopes (gyros from hereon out). JibbSmart manipulated this feature to his and our advantage as it now allows the player to assign keys to the physical movement of the controller.

For example, the player can assign the gyros such that when the controller is physically moved up, the in-game camera will look up. The same applies to moving the controller left, the in-game camera was also rotate left. I even managed to set up the keys in such a way that for Grand Theft Auto V, instead of using the joystick to turn my car left/right, I simply rotated the controller in the direction I wanted the car to turn, and viola!

The tool is available for FREE at https://github.com/JibbSmart/JoyShockMapper. On that page is included instructions on assigning keys and how to use the tool. On https://gyrowiki.jibbsmart.com/games can be found games that have been configured to play with JoyShockMapper. The user can still edit these keys and make adjustments as they see fit.

Fair warning, make sure to disable your controller in-game. If you do not do this, the following annoying thing will happen. Let’s say you play GTA V on Steam, you use JoyShockMapper and you assign shooting to be R2 (on the PS4 controller). Now, when you press R2 inside the game while in a vehicle, your character will start shooting and will drive forward, the latter because the in-game key for acceleration is R2. Steam does allow you to disable your controller, but you can always use the software WhiteKnight to disable the controller for all applications except JoyShockMapper. I opted, in terms of GTA V, to only enable the gyros and didn’t assign any other key. This meant I didn’t have to disable my controller.

Furthermore, although JoyShockMapper does work with the above controllers on Bluetooth, it is recommended to make use of a USB cable. Those that have low-end CPUs, just be aware that JoyShockMapper can be quite CPU demanding. I once had the JoyShockMapper CPU usage climb to 50%.

Lastly, you will need to be very patient. Not just with assigning the keys and getting the gyros working at JUST the right speed, but sometimes using the gyros can be quite confusing and frustrating just because you are not used to it. But, tough it out, it gets better.

Just to cover the very basics of the tool, I will mention the following. Place a game’s key assignments as a single text file in the JSM/GyroConfigs folder. Then, when you want read the file make sure you run the JoyShockMapper.exe file and run the command (in the subsequent terminal) GyroConfigs/<WHATEVERGAMEFILE>.txt The configuration file will load and now you can use your controller with gyros.

I highly recommend you check out this tool and play around with it. Only 80 games have been configured with this tool, so make sure to check through the list to know which game to test the tool out on.

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