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Stolen Advice Must Stop!


Have you ever visited a website as you are in desperate need for a solution to one of your many problems? You find a potential solution, but the author did a terrible job at really going into depth over the solution. So, you head on over to the next website, just to find the exact same solution pretty much copy-pasted. The website after that does the exact same thing. Have you ever experienced that? Well, that shit has got to stop.

I see many people make posts or videos about topics that they have no clue about. They simply read a blog and just take it word-for-word and use it as their own. This is especially the case for solutions that are not well explained. These people simply do not want to take the time out of their day to come up with original content and thinks its much easier just to steal another website’s content. While it is easier and you might make more money from it, what are you really contributing to life and to the problem you are trying to solve? Nothing good. Let’s go through an example.

A few months ago I googled DIY solutions to exterminating aphids in my garden. Website A suggests a solution of water and a few drops of liquid soap. Now, first of all, a “few drops” is really vague. If you add too little, it won’t do jack. If you add too much, it will damage your plant. So, I decide to go to Website B to find a better solution. They pretty much copy-pasted Website A’s work. Website C and D did the same. I end up deciding to wing it and add a “few” drops to the water and spray it on my spinach leaves. A few weeks later, most of those leaves died, but luckily I managed to rescue the plant. Obviously I added too many droplets, but that comes at the fault of the solution available. None of those websites took the time to emphasize how many drops of liquid soap, they just stole each other’s advice. If they took the time to actually try out their own solution, they would then recommend an exact amount. Saying something like “I used about 3-5 drops of liquid soap”. Done! Perhaps they even find themselves using too many droplets and warns people of the effects.

But stolen advice doesn’t just end with gardening. Another example recently is WordPress website designing. I experienced a specific problem related to a theme and decided to look for a solution. Four websites in a row just copy-pasting a solution, and worst of all, the solution was so vague there was no way a non-experienced user would be able to use it. I did manage to find a solution, using a website much lower down the list on page 1 of my search.

I’m sure the more you dig through the internet, the more similar cases you’ll find. In an age where every year we produce significantly more data than we did all the previous years (sometimes combined), the least we can do is make sure our data is well-thought out, original and in-depth.

Thanks for reading through my rant. Have a great day further.

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