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Why All Gamers Should Try to Learn How to Mod


Every month we as gamers (console, PC and mobile) are spoiled with new games, even if most of the games that are released will likely never be played by you. Yet, there is so much more that games have to offer.

For many years I would dream about a Grand Theft Auto game where I could travel between cities (Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas), but Rockstar Games never released such an open and expansive video game. However, recently I discovered a community mod that has made my dream come true. GTA United v1.2.

Game modification is such a great tool, it stretches the lifeline of a game, makes it more exciting and unpredictable. Let’s say you purchase the new Elder Scrolls game and after a few months are bombarded with mods for the game. Right there, with these mods, you can now experience a “new” game, a “new” Elder Scrolls. This can range from enhanced textures, to new quests all the way to driving on Thomas the Tank Engine from one side of the map to the other.

If we as gamers took the time to learn the basics of modding, I am sure we can come up with even better/greater mods for games. You wouldn’t want to purchase new games too often as there would be so much on offer from mods. Imagine a modded Cities Skylines game which is focused on building alien cities. Or imagine a modded Red Dead Redemption game where the game focuses on racing and upgrading horses. The list can really go on. The more modders that are in the gaming community, there more greatness will be on offer.

Let me know in the comment section about your favourite game mods. Let me know what it does too.

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