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The purpose of life


In life we get to taste, see, do, say and hear many things, some of those things are truths and some not, every now and then you get the in-between.

I had a regular childhood like many of you, except I could see things “on the other side”. Some of them fascinated me, while others were just gross. Before I knew it I was going to a place called school, I had to go there every day, except on weekends. The elders would walk us (myself and many other kids) to help us cross a busy tar road that had claimed the lives of so many other kids before. Otherwise we had to go under a bridge that was made as a water channel in case of floods, it was not safe at all as sometimes during the night hours, people would get robbed, stabbed and raped while going through there from work etc.

Myself like many of you out there, have come across death, some direct some not so direct. I know about witchcraft, religion, flat earth, globe earth, multi universe, racism apartheid and so many other walls of division among us humans. I also know love, rejection, hatred and I have experienced both love and rejection, been loved and rejected, have loved some and rejected some. I have lived among the rich and among the poor, I have seen death, smelled it and tasted it, but not long enough to sail the oceans. I am still in my home country and I have a story to share.

The purpose of life?

Is life a quest to find the truth? What I have found so far is that, the answers to all our questions are not in one place. They are hidden in everything we do, in education, religion, sports and recreation, entertainment and everything else that keeps us busy. Some of you went searching for this truth and you found one clue that makes sense and you stopped there, some of you perhaps stopped at education, some at politics, some at religion etc.

I realized that I had stopped at religion because I found comforting news, I could be forgiven, saved and have a special place prepared for me to live my eternal life. WOW!!! I mean for what I had to do in return to qualify for that, IT WAS WORTH IT! So I invested all my time into religion, I studied it and wrote songs about it, but I failed to realize that I had stopped, I had stopped trying to find the other puzzle pieces. I took that one piece I had and forced myself to make sense of it all, even though some stories were incomplete, such as: Who did Cain marry? What was Jesus doing between the ages of 12 & 30? I just had to carry on whether I understood it or not, along with many other incomplete contradicting stories, scriptures and instructions.

A time came in my life, that no matter what I did, I could never quench the questions I had about this life even with the answers religion provided. I started asking questions that led me to more questions and very little answers.

Questions, questions and more questions

• What is death and why is it unpredictable? Unless it wants to be

• Why do some pastors molest their church members, especially young vulnerable girls and boys?

• Why is there racism and apartheid?

• Why has the love of money taken so many lives?

• Why should we work to pay off houses we barely live in, because we have to work all the time so that we can pay off those houses?

• Why do we have to compete with each other?

• Why are humans destroying the earth?

• How do other animals feel about our destructive behaviour?

• Why are there miscarriages?

• Why are babies raped?

• Why some children never get to meet their biological parents?

• Why am I sitting here late at night writing these questions down?

These questions can go on forever and they are directed towards the creators of this world. Why did they create life with such imperfections and not intervene when things are clearly falling apart.

There are many other questions I asked and many of you have asked too. The answers lies not only in one place, you have to seek them. I took on that quest and by any means I don’t have all the answers, and that is why I kept searching,. Check this out:

Get that puzzle piece and move on (Religion)

If life is a quest to find the truth, how it all works and how it’s all connected, not about building a technological tower of gadgets, and to see who can accumulate the most money. Are you religious? As in “Muslim, Christian etc. You found something comforting there? Great, don’t get stuck there, learn as much as you can and move on. Keep what is learned at heart, and remember it’s only a puzzle piece (it cannot be the truth because then, what about other religion? they too believe that they are serving the best God, the right God or the strongest God)*, take that piece and compare it to others and see which fit, then you will see a bit more than what you see now, I promise.

Are you a student? Learn as much as you can there at school or varsity, then take it and put it alongside other puzzle pieces in order for this life to make more sense to you. Do the same with sports, entertainment and relationships etc. You will see how it all comes together. Read the Qur’an, bible, Shakespeare if you may, my main point is don’t get stuck with one puzzle piece.

Attempted suicide

When I attempted suicide in 2017, I woke up in hospital half blind and paralyzed. My eyes could see in two different shades, one saw in green and the other in a white bright light. It was scary and exciting at the same time. I saw the world in a way that a very few people get to see, this made me realize that there is so much this life has to offer and we should not live like water in a canal, but rather live like the ocean. Yes sometimes the ocean is a dangerous place, but also a beautiful and calm place. Just like we are not perfect, nature is not perfect either, sometimes it needs to align or readjust it’s bearings or let off some steam, just don’t be nearby when that happens.

I was able to see how deceptive this world is, how we are lied to, fed poison, farmed like animals, and treated like slaves. If you think about it, it makes very little sense why we are here and living this interesting life.

* I don’t know about you, but I cannot imagine that among all the religions there is one true God, because then that God must be discriminatory of other people, because many of us practice religion from family backgrounds, and depending on those families you have your faith. So if you come from a family that worships an untrue God then you are doomed, see my point?

I will go into more depth on this topic in my coming blogs. Stay tuned.

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