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How to Startup Any Program with Windows 10


Every day we find ourselves using different programs on our Windows 10 machines. This can range from image manipulation software, to word editors, to video games all the way to a web browser. Perhaps, in particular, you find yourself using one specific program immediately after you switch on your PC (like your web browser). Well, below you will learn how to set up those particular programs to startup with Windows 10, that is, it will open as soon as you switch on your PC… by itself 🙂

What you want to do first is hit the Windows + R buttons (at the same time). This will bring up the Run command. In the text box type in the following:


By pressing enter it will take you to the Startup folder. This is where you will put shortcuts to all the programs you want to startup with Windows 10. Let’s look at a specific example, VLC.

Head on over to the folder that houses VLC, for me it is C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC

Next, right click on the vlc.exe file and select the option create shortcut

Cut the file (Ctrl + x) and paste it into the Startup folder that you launched with the short command. And viola!

You now will have VLC startup with your Windows 10 machine. You can do this for all other programs. I have not tested it out with other file extensions, but I believe it could still work.

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