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How to know if you’re brainwashed


If you are coming from the post: Two sides of each coin, welcome :). If you have just stumbled upon this post, I gently recommend that you read the post: Two sides of each coin, as it lays a stable foundation for this post. Now, lets get into it.

There are two kinds of brainwashing: Good and Bad.

It’s important to understand that we are all brainwashed to a certain extent, by our parents, cultures, education etc. The type of brainwashing I am talking about here is the bad kind of brainwashing.

If you fall in the following categories then you are brainwashed and this is the bad brainwashing:

  • Religious
  • Racist
  • Sexist
  • Cult member
  • Political
  • Other

I am going to break this down further point by point:


As much we as humans may find comfort in religion, it’s vital that we understand that   it was never meant to give us comfort, but to divide us while we’re blindfolded by comforting news about the afterlife. There are so many stories in religious books telling people how to live their lives. It’s advised in many of these religions to live a life that resembles that of the prophets and leaders who lived so many years ago. If you don’t see anything wrong with that then it’s good that this post is not done yet 🙂

When I was still brainwashed as a Christian, I had to live like Jesus, I would often be asked: What would Jesus do? And that made me ask many questions which in turn led me to who I am today.

  1. Asking me what Jesus would do was a waste of time, because I don’t know what Jesus would do, I did not live in his timeline, his disciples should be asked that question.
  2. Because he lived in a different timeline, things were different back then, there were no billboards with half naked women everywhere, and the clothing stores were a bit more reserved when it came to women’s undergarments, and there were no mannequins modelling underwear. So… ‘temptation was really not as easy as it is today’.    

Life has progressed so much since Jesus lived, and to try and live like him means you  have to deny yourself so much this life is offering just so you can say you are following the word of God.

Don’t you ever wonder where the people who lived before Jesus came to save the world ended up? I mean they can’t be in heaven because Jesus “is” the only way to the Father. So did they automatically go to hell? Just thinking of it makes no sense. What about other religions that don’t believe in Jesus? Do they go to hell too? But what about other religions and their afterlife? Does it mean Christians will go to the hell that those people will manage to avoid by pleasing their God? This whole thing just seems unfair to me honestly, and that is why I don’t think religion makes sense.

On top of that, religion has been used as a weapon to kill so many people in the name of whichever God was in charge of that war. No human being is born as a weapon, humans are born helpless, useless, naked, and knowing absolutely nothing. If we could use this as an opportunity to teach the human brain love, acceptance and kindness, the world would be a better place.


This is a pathetic one, really pathetic. Racist people were convinced by someone that they are better/worse than the other person because of the difference in the pigment of their skin. Imagine two dogs hating each other because the one dog has black and white spots while the other is brown. I used to get angry at racist people and their racist comments and tendencies, until I realized that they are just sheep, sheep that is conditioned to behave in a certain way. They think they are in control, but they are not, because if they were, they would use common sense which just tells you it makes no sense to be racist. A dog is a dog, a cat is a cat, a fish is a fish, no matter the patterns on their bodies, and so is a human.

If you are a passionate racist, this post is not to make you feel less passionate about racism, but rather to open your eyes. You have been deceived into thinking you are better/worse than other people (based on your skin colour) and that is false, you are just like everyone, if you are a guy, you have everything guys have, and visa versa, you are not different. I am aware that you cannot just change after reading this post, but you should try and get control of your mind, you deserve to be free from this pathetic lie.


Eish…How do I start this one? Hmm. Come on man…It’s sad that this is something that anyone needs to address. Sometimes I can’t help but think that some of the things we hate each other about started off as experiments: Let’s see if we can make these dumb people hate each other based on gender, something they were born with and had no control over. Bam!!! it stuck and here we are today.  If you are not dumb you will not be sexist, cause it just does not make any sense.

Cult Member


When you join a cult, the first thing they will do is brainwash you so you think like them. This is also to ensure that you will be easy to control as they don’t want to struggle with you when they give you orders, like the army. Cults rely deeply on sheep mentality, people that follow without question. Cults are very difficult to leave, because they don’t want to be exposed, so when you want to leave, usually you will be met with a lot of resistance and threats. Many religious organisations are cults in disguise, and many people in religious organisations are stuck in cult marriages and relationships with no way out because divorce is forbidden. It’s important to know that you are in control of your life. Every decision you make must come from you as you will be the one stuck in that life, having to endure the consequences of those decisions. If you suspect you are in a cult, take a sabbatical leave and evaluate your life. After the sabbatical your mind should be clear enough to make sense of things.

Life is an opportunity that you got and you should not waste it going in circles following ancient scriptures and stories. Write your own story, make your own history, build your own tower and lead yourself to the future you desire.


Wow!!! Even politics? Yes, even politics. Just take this moment and think about politics and its purpose. What is the purpose of politics? Back in the day, like long ago, politics made sense. Nowadays politics is just corruption in disguise, and the sad part is the poor folk pay for these political scams to waste government resources. We think we have a choice/voice when we vote, but do we? We just make things interesting for them while they play ‘who’s the most popular’.

I hope my opinion changes for the better with time, but at this moment, things don’t look too good.

There are so many political parties in this world, you’d imagine politics as a religion. Therefore so many people hate each other based on the difference between their parties, in South Africa, politics have become an extra arm of racism with some parties which only favours the one race of preference. It makes sense that this falls under bad brainwashing. Some parties are non-existent until election time, then they run around brainwashing the poor majority by giving them free goods just until the elections, then they vanish again. This works because many people do vote for them. Some people vote for a certain party because they fear things will get back to apartheid if they vote otherwise. So yes, even politics is a bad brainwasher 🙁 


Rich House

In general, as humans we should not have walls of division, but rather bridges. Let us build bridges which connect us, links our differences and makes it possible for us to work as ONE. When we get that right, life will make sense. Even the dividing wall of wealth and poverty needs to fall. I understand that wealth = power, but of what use is power when you live on an unstable planet? Our environment is hanging on the balance, yet there are countless “powerful” individuals holding on to resources which could really change the world. This reminds me of the time when I was a child, getting a new toy was always great, and holding on to it felt even greater when other kids wanted a chance to play with it. Then I grew up, and now I play with “grown up” toys, and sometimes I want to hold on to them, but because I understand not having a toy, I have learned to share with others. I guess we all don’t grow up, some of us will hold on to so much more than we need, just so that we can make it on some list, and that is just sad.

The number of things that have brainwashed us is large and I cannot cover it all in one post, because this would go on forever. The rest is up to you to evaluate yourself and see are you for humanity or against it. We should learn from each other’s differences and use it to our advantage and not as a weapon against each other.

The purpose of this website is to raise funds, funds which will allow me to make the needed difference in this world. To live just to gain for myself is not worth it, it’s in fact exhausting, and is meaningless. I want to bring joy and freedom to others, let them experience the best life has to offer, this way I bring meaning and joy to my own life. Having this blog has been the torch I needed to guide me into the rest of my life, and I cannot imagine not having done this. So… I challenge you to live for more than yourself, even if it’s one day a month.

Does it not bother you that many uneducated people keep bringing souls to this life, adding to the already overwhelming problems we are battling with?

Do you ever think about the large numbers of people the system has failed living in horrifying conditions, while you lay on your comfortable bed at night while it’s pouring outside?

How about the virus of corruption taking over every bit of human conscience as you read this post? Along with so many other issues that will just leave you broken and speechless.

Where does this all stop?

Who can can stop it?

Together we can, and together we should because if we don’t, the worst is yet to come.

Now that you’re done with the post, take time and work through it! See which changes you need to bring into your life, and then DO IT!

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