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The two sides of each coin


We have all found ourselves having arguments in our heads with people we don’t like. This can stem from not knowing the person that well, or from an unpleasant experience we had with them. So… it’s easy to just argue with them in our heads, at least we get to win the argument, right?

Let’s quickly take a look at a coin, a functioning coin will have two sides, these two sides are not going to look identical because that will defeat the purpose completely, yet the coin with its two sides serves only one function, and that is to facilitate a currency and produce exchange. If a coin that has two sides (fashioned by us humans) can have a single function and succeed in doing so for so many thousands of years, why are we as humans still struggling to accept each other as one species? Why do we despise each other’s cultures, skin colour, gender, origins, etc?

Does a coin really have two sides? What about the ridge? Why is that never considered a side? If you have a flat surface and patience, you can balance the coin on it’s ridge, so that side of the coin should not be ignored, as it also has influence on the weight and size of the coin. So…if a coin has 3 sides, then we should realize something right about now: There is a third party that influences us, why we love or hate each other, why we think we are better or worse than others and so forth.

When we argue with each other, it normally happens because we want to be right, and the other person wants to be right too. It’s important to understand that sometimes you will be right, and sometimes not, unless you’re one unlucky soul that is always wrong, then I feel for you. Many people don’t want to be wrong, just like many who don’t want to apologize, so they will hang on to a fact that is inaccurate and defend it with their life even if it means getting into a fight. The basic rule of arguments is: you cannot always be right, and it’s fine, this is to ensure that we stay teachable in life. When you think you know it all, then you must be better than God because he himself is not sure what is going on either, and if that’s the case then why are you here? You should be elsewhere on some random realm ordering God around, making him fix all the issues this world has.

I want to go into depth with this, but it leads me to a different topic altogether, so I am going to stop this post here and continue it in my next post: How to know if you’re brainwashedTrust me, it will all make sense when you read that post too, so go right now before you get side tracked and forget and read it too. See you there 🙂

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