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Discrimination is far from Endangered


In my previous post, The Unspoken Form of Racism, I wrote about what discrimination is and focused specifically on racism. In this post I want to focus on discrimination as a whole and why it will be around for centuries if humans continue at this rate.

Discrimination was born pretty much the day two people first interacted with each other. Today discrimination exists purely as a means of one person feeling superior to another person. In the past the main focus of discrimination was race, gender, religion, politics, wealth status, etc. but today the lines of division are broad. Today people get broken down, insulted and discriminated against not only because of race, gender, politics, religion and wealth status, but also their choice in clothing, the console they game on, their interest in food, their job status, etc.

Although racism, sexism, etc. is still dominant across the globe, it can be argued that these forms of discrimination has certainly declined over the years. This is absolutely a good thing. But what once was a form of division between person A and person B has fallen way and in its place a new wall of division has been created. Perhaps person A once discriminated against person B because of race, but today discriminates against them because person B is a meat-eater, unlike person A who is vegan. You would think that person A would have learned their lesson from racial discrimination, but evidently not. The whole world did not.

As racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. continues to decline worldwide, other forms of discrimination will increase. And as those eventually decrease, new forms of discrimination will be born again, simply because humans want to feel superior. Until the day comes that everyone realises that they are equal to others (because no one knows what they are doing or why they are here), humans will continue breaking each other down. It’s sad we live in a world where we break others down just because they are or do things different to us. Shame on all of us.

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