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Why Interplanetary Travelling Will Really Happen


You might’ve heard Elon Musk say it before that he wants humans to be an interplanetary species, establishing civilizations across the universe. Elon wants to start this journey off by colonizing off Mars, a behemoth of a task. A task that many have asked if it is worth it and have asked why we (humans, governments, etc.) don’t just spend that money to improve and understand this world (earth) better. Well, there is a standard and a business-savvy response to that. I will start off with the standard response.

The standard response will focus on setting up a back-up plan for the survival of humans and other species in case of extinction-level wars and cosmic collisions. If a sufficiently large meteorite comes hurling towards earth and destroys everything, how will the human race continue? The answer is to live on another planet. The ideal planet is Mars, it only takes about 7 months to reach the planet. Setting up a thriving and competent civilization/life on Mars will make a great back-up plan for humans in case of some hectic shit going down. The other side of the standard response coin is that allows us to continue enhancing our technology. So many technological devices were subsequently created with humans trying to get to the moon, imagine how many other devices will still be invented with the advancement of space travel. Many of these advancements could tremendously improve life on earth.

But the standard response is not the real reason why most companies or governments would want to make space travel feasible, it’s more the financial gain. When a body (government or company) arrives on a planet, comet or asteroid, it has access to all the resources it has available. That means for someone like Elon Musk who wants to colonize Mars, it will allow him proper time to set up measures to start mining the planet for the various minerals and metals it has available, which the company can use to further expand the colonization or to send it back to earth and sell it off. While the initial cost of mining resources on these celestial bodies would be highly expensive, once everything is set up, these governments/companies will swim in cash. And if all else fails, Elon could always set up a glorious vacation paradise that only the rich can afford or make available expensive once in a lifetime trips from earth to mars (and back). There really is an endless supply of opportunities to make cash. And with the universe being so gigantic, if a certain asteroid/comet/planet has become unprofitable, there are so many other bodies available to mine. There honestly is much more money to be made by running an interplanetary business than just focusing on earth. Heck, if all else fails, if you can back it up, you can lay claim to an entire celestial body and sell it off to make some sweet cash. Like I said, there are so many options available.

Be forewarned though that although interplanetary travel might sound like a dream come true for many, and although it is exciting, it will not be like in the movies or TV shows. It will take months or even years to travel to close by celestial bodies, and once you are there, you have to stay there for a long time, wearing special suits, having to eat certain foods, etc. It really is not great. Down the line this will be better, but we’re not there yet.

Most governments and companies don’t give a fuck about people, they just care about money. Space advancement and exploration will happen because that’s where the next financial boom is at. Maybe you should try and cash in on it too?

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