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Should we trust our governments?


This should be a very interesting topic to talk about with your friends and family around the fire. I want to think so, but honestly I think this topic does not make it to the lips of many citizens, as the majority tends to trust the minority with very little reason to do so. To answer this question, we should initially ask ourselves what is TRUST? Is it something that everyone deserves automatically or is it something that well… should be earned?

Say you and I meet at a local restaurant, we are strangers and the lot. I approach you and offer you a glass of clear liquid and tell you: ‘if you drink this glass empty, you will melt all the unwanted fat off your body within the next 10 minutes’. What would you do? Take some time and think about it.

Now… for some there is not even a need to think about it, they’d tell me right there and then: NO! The reason for that would be lack of trust, why would anyone take a word of a stranger and drink a weird concoction risking their lives? For all you know that drink will leave you confused and mad for the rest of your life.

Trust vs survival instincts

Although it’s tempting to weigh trust against survival, let’s rather look at them as parallels. If you put your trust in the right people or places/companies etc you will survive, it just makes sense. When your trust is well placed, you will be protected, loved, cared for and ultimately you will thrive. When your trust is misplaced, whether that be in relationships, government or companies, you will not only suffer, but everything that is done for you by those untrustworthy, will always lead to your demise. Ask yourself this simple question: Why do most of the products being sold to us by large brands contain harmful chemicals and ingredients? Some products are not even forthcoming about their full list of Ingredients. In some household cleaning products you’ll find ingredient list such as “among other things”… what is the meaning of that? Why can’t they be transparent? Yet we flock to the shops, and buy these chemicals that may well be influencing our many health problems we face today from cancer, allergies and the lots.

If we are to trust our governments, a simple test is to be run. Look at the environment around you, the promises your government has promised you and see if they deliver, if they don’t then why do we continue to trust them? If they lie to us trust is broken. It’s that simple.

According to this post, many people in the world today shouldn’t trust their government. Just look at the chaos around you, all the issues that make it to the news yet nothing is done about it. Currently there is a gender based violence in many countries, targeting women, even unborn girls, yet there is nothing done about it. Perhaps we are just destroying our mother earth, along with all the mothers of our future generations, that to me sounds like we’re on a highway to extinction. It might not take 10, 40 or 70 years, but if nothing changes, not only will our earth be fucked, but our women will be gone too, and so civilization will die off.


I don’t  know about you, but I always see governments as male entities, and not to generalize or anything, but those males on top are really twisted fucks. Always maximizing profits over the wellbeing of the planet and all life on it. It takes a lot of insecurity to take something that is beautifully functioning and vandalize it. What is it that makes you men insecure, hey? Perhaps that’s the issue and that issue needs solving

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