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Period Pains


When I look at life today I can’t help but think that between the male and the female, the female certainly got the shorter end of the stick, from the painful breaking of a hymen (for many who have one), to painful childbirth. I guess that is why the earth is also referred to as female, just look at the shit mother earth is going through. Is it just me or does Father earth sound perverted?

When the female body reaches full maturity, girls start with their periods, this is so they can reproduce. However, for many of these girls, periods aren’t just simple – blood flowing out of a vaginas yadda yadda. These periods usually come with pain, lots of pain, the pain is commonly caused by blood clots passing through narrow tubes and this causes tremendous discomfort and suffering.  I cannot imagine that a male reading this can imagine this type of pain and suffering. If it were that males could imagine this pain and suffering, they would sympathize, and with that sympathy would come peace of mind for women. Women go through a ton of shit just by existing, we are the physically weaker ones, yet we suffer the most regardless. The sad part is the reason for the suffering is caused mostly by men, yes I said it. Men come out of women and despise them as soon as their dicks get hard, it’s almost as if they forget where they come from, perhaps this is not too far fetched. 

Dear men

Do you know how painful it is to pass blood clots through your penis? Why is it that you get hospitalized when you pass kidney stones but women are only given pain killers and still expected to function as normal month after month? Is it because kidney stones sounds more harsh since the word stone is there? What if I change the wording for women’s menstrual clots to rocks? Would that lead to hospitalization? I get it kidney stones are painful, I can actually imagine that. One experience of kidney stones does not come close to a lifetime of period pains. I’m sorry, it simply can’t be on the same page.

Dear women

Listen, I know you have been oppressed for long that it actually starts to feel normal. It feels normal to go on when your body is screaming in pain while you’re pregnant and in labor. It feels normal to carry on with work while your back and your ovaries are paralyzing you with agony. To have diarrhea whilst on your periods and still have do your jobs. Is it necessary? Is it possible to bring change? Don’t you think it’s due?

Here is what I think, women should be allowed to be at home by choice if their periods are causing them pain, in fact I think it should be mandatory for women to stay put and allow their bodies to rest and deal with discomfort in the comfort of their own homes. Periods are not a sickness, so they should not be treated as sick days for those with jobs. This is not even a sacrifice, it’s a necessity.  The reason why females are so much more stressed is….read this post again.

Let’s not forget about all the raging hormonal changes that surges through women each month… mood swings are not fun, not to be in control of your own mind is freaky as shit and this is why women should have peace during these times.

Dear government

Why are sanitary products sold to women, but condoms are given away for free? Is it because a penis goes in there? I really would like an answer to that. No one chooses the gender they enter this world in, and the fact that we as women have to pay so much more to just exist is a shame, you men running this fucked world sitting in your seats should feel ashamed of your faces, your brains and your way of life. It’s sad that you take a woman who gave you life and shit on her existence the way you do.

In conclusion

Periods are painful, uncomfortable, and draining. The least the rest of the world can do for women is give them the peace of mind and rest they need during this time. However, on a larger scale I see the Ice caps melting, and the oceans being turned into garbage and Mother earth taking hard blows from pollution and I ask myself: why the fuck would some dumb guy sitting on a soft chair sipping fermented fruit cocktails give a shit about all this? It’s all about the profit margins, the higher they go the higher the dumb guy gets, coz no one sober would let shit get this much out of control.

I wonder what these dumb fucks would do if all women of the world just went on bleeding everywhere at work, in public as a desperate attempt to be listened to. Women  need to be home while on their periods, and sanitary products should be free. So what do you say?

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