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It’s not Us, it’s Our Penis


Aiming, controlling and using a penis is much more difficult than it may appear. Movies, TV shows, articles and real life are plagued with women judging men on their urinating behaviour, saying that men should learn to aim better or how not to mess all over the seat/floor. But here is something these women need to understand perfectly well, our penises, tubes and urethra and everything connected to it, has it’s own mind. Now this post was not written to excuse all pee on the floor/seat scenarios, because I believe if I man is aware of his accident he should clean it up.

Sometimes a man might stand in front of the toilet, get everything nice in order and aims for the middle of the bowl, when suddenly his pee stream splits into three parts, one going left, the other right and the last one in a slightly upward direction. At that point messing on the floor/seat is doomed to happen. Then the man has to fight his own penis to get the stream fixed and get the aim correct. Peeing with a foreskin is even worse. Perhaps when you started the procedure, your skin was pulled back. All goes well until the skin goes back into its normal position. All of a sudden the skin fucks up the stream and now the pee runs down your balls and legs. Now you sit with a wet underpants and pants.

Fuck it, even if you pee while sitting, a freak accident is bound to happen where the man’s pee shoots out between the bowl and toilet seat, wetting his leg, pants, underpants and the floor. It’s a real mess.

Don’t judge a man for messing on the floor/seat, some of us really try our best and be as hygienic as possible, but life had a different plan for us. However, if the man knows he fucked up and doesn’t clean up after himself, judge away.

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