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Wealth vs Poverty


Have you ever stopped and thought about what it meant to be rich and what it means to be poor? Like at the core, what does it really mean? Why is there wealth and why is there poverty? Shouldn’t everything exist in balance? Shouldn’t everyone have enough to sustain themselves? However, things are not at all balanced. On the one hand, someone always has more than what they require, while the next person barely scrapes by just to say they are alive.

This is what living is, this is what we have come to, we live to compare ourselves to the person next to us, and according to who has the most, we enslave each other, calling it the way of life.

Have you ever noticed that there cannot be wealth without poverty? Just think about it for a while, if everyone had the same amount of money, there wouldn’t be richer or poorer people right? Does the world not have enough money for everyone to have just enough? Of course the world has enough money for everyone. However, the system is set up in such a way that the money that is available only belongs to a certain number of individuals. This is to ensure that the divide between the wealthy, rich and poor is clear. The poor keep the economy running by doing the miniscule jobs, the shitty jobs which will anyways be soon taken by robots, and then the true dance for survival shall begin.

You see, when you and I dream of a better life, to get that dream job, car and house, or lots of money and wealth, all we are dreaming about is stepping down and looking down on someone else, doing the exact same thing that the corporate owners of this world do with us. They teach us these evil ways, to keep chasing the dream, to keep wanting more, to keep dreaming and to keep going. But the price we pay is each other’s blood. So am I saying we should just sit in ashes and wait for death? No! At this current moment I don’t have a solution for this predicament, instead I know that if many of us come together and use our medulla oblongata we can come to a useful solution.

There is enough resources to go around for each and every living soul and creature on this earth, this dividing wall of wealth and poverty should fall, and all creatures should live meaningful lives and be able to tell beautiful stories about the wonders of the human brain instead of this horror show going on at this moment.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel like I don’t exist, I feel like I don’t want to exist, because as much as being human is exciting, it’s also shameful looking at all the nonsense we’ve been up to. Like what the fuck is up with us? Why are we obsessed with useless endeavors when there are more pressing matters which clearly needs our attention? I rest my rectum.

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