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Think Before You Have a Child!


I recently read an article exclaiming the doom around the decrease in new babies being born in South Korea, going as far as stating that the country is facing a potential human extinction in the future. It’s not just this post that encouraged bringing more humans into this world, I constantly hear people encouraging others to get children or they harass people with the question “so, when are you getting kids?”, but getting a child is not like buying a bar of chocolate, there’s a lot of responsibility and thought that has to go into it.

I can focus on overpopulation and climate change alone as a justification why people shouldn’t get children, but I want to take a different approach. Understand that you are bringing a living, breathing creature into this world. This creature NEVER asked to be born, you made that decision for them so you better fucking make sure that you can provide for them. And I don’t just mean food and water, I mean healthcare, dental care, education, mental well-being, their safety and security, etc.

There are many areas you need to help and support your child in and you need to ask if you can provide them with that. If you can, well then go ahead and have a child if you think that’s what’s for the best, otherwise don’t get a child. Wait until you are capable. And if you never are, then either never have a child or adopt a child, the world has a lot of orphaned children who need a home and even though you might not have everything that child needs, they will probably still have a better life with you than at an orphanage.

Don’t be egotistical and say you want a child because you want your genes to carry on or because you think that although you couldn’t achieve much in life, perhaps your child will be able to make a difference. Do not try to live vicariously through your child and put your shit, your dreams and goals on their shoulders.

Imagine someone forces you to work for a new company not telling you anything and then you get there and you have no one really training and supporting you. They do the bare minimum to get you through the day. Would that not be fucked? Well that’s what most children go through and what you probably went through when you first came into this world. You might even still be going through it now.

Understand that this world is not about you or about humans, it’s about everything on it. Life will still continue even if you never existed, stop existing or if your bloodline dies off.

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