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A fart to the nostrils


While you were walking to find bargains to spend your $10 the best way possible, you pick up a pamphlet advertising a new business in town:
You can come to this venue (address indicated) and pay $10 to participate in a shit game to stand a chance to win $10.000. The game is 10 rounds long. The participants have to be farted on the face 10 times and attempt to guess the food consumed. If they guess all 10 right, they win the prize money, if they lose, they lose $10.

You only have $10 dollars to your name, as you read the pamphlet. You have two choices: to take a chance and inhale 10 different farts to win $10.000 or try to stretch your $10 as far as it can go and then die of starvation and sadness when you’re completely broke. What would you choose?

A fart to the nostrils
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