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The Ocean’s tax


While on an adventure across the ocean, you woke up one day and suddenly realized that you can understand ocean creatures when they communicate with each other, and you overhear a meeting going on beneath the ocean, how all kinds of sea creatures plotting to wage war on humans in the form of massive Tsunamis all over the sea shore. This is because the humans keep fishing the oceans empty and disturbing the balance of the ocean’s “economy”.  Upon hearing this you alert the authorities in an attempt to solve this or prepare for it somehow, and they lock you up in a mental hospital, very close to the ocean. You know what’s coming, and you know you can’t do anything about it, you have two choices where one leads to certain death, the other to a chance of surviving: 1. Seduce a corrupt nurse who might let her guard down and you can gain access to a peaceful death, or 2. Try to break through the wall with your cutlery every possible chance and hope you have enough time to get out and go far away before the war begins. What would you choose?

The Ocean’s tax
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