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Voices in our heads: Lives we Live


(Casually looking around in this dark room, thinking of what I’m about to write). Aah! There you are, reading this sentence right now, wonderful! Isn’t it? Now, let me write some shit, so you can continue reading. Here comes:

Have you ever thought about the voices in your head? Like who/what they are? And why there are even there in the first place? Do you give them recognition? Do you accept and acknowledge them? Are you even aware of them? Uhm, let me just put it out there that I’m not talking about the “specific voices” but all the voices, all of them. Yes, I’m talking about that voice which tells you to take a shit now at home, before you leave, rather than going on a long trip, and possibly having to shit alongside the road. Or the voice which told you that the guy/gal you are with is a good option for a friend or spouse. Yes, I’m talking about that voice which helps you make that frustrating choice between low-fat milk and fat-free milk at the shop in that cold aisle during peak winter in Yakutsk, Siberia. These voices literally help us live, they help us go from one decision to the next: to be or not to be?

Today I have a little exercise for you: Take note of anything you hear the voice telling you. For those of you who might still feel lost at this point, I’m gonna confirm that you may not be aware of these voices. Therefore, I’ll attempt to explain this in a much more accessible manner: Right now you might be wondering what am I talking about, like where exactly is this going. Don’t worry about that, bring your attention back to the voices. Quiet down, close your eyes and listen to your mind… What do you hear? Is it total silence? (Which will be true for deaf people) if you’re not deaf, you will hear some sort of buzzing in your head, the buzz has different frequencies and textures. Like tinnitus, low, middle and high constant buzzing, in your head… like in mine there is a blend of those frequencies. I have a very high pitched tinnitus that is ALWAYS there, but there’s also another sound I hear, a middle-to-low (tenor) flute like tone which changes keys with time. I also get a low buzz sometimes but not continuously, it comes and goes. Another one I hear is similar to the sound you get when your TV screen suddenly loses the images and you’re left with those vertical colorful lines and an annoying sound, yes that one. There are 2-4 more sounds I hear, but won’t talk about them now. These sounds makes me think of our computer, when our computer is on, the tower has sounds coming out of it, yes, not too loud, but noticeable. These sounds are blended together, but if you know what is what, you can tell the difference between the sound the fan makes, and the sound of moving components such as the DVD player. All those sounds are not there when the computer is off. Okay you’re still not getting it, let me take it further: When I’m asleep, I don’t hear these sounds, it’s the same as when our computer is off. I know you could say maybe the sound is there even when I’m asleep, I just don’t hear it because my brain is not processing the sound, which then just means that the computer is off. Coz if the computer is on, it will always process the sound, further clearing this out. Yes, I just did that!

I hope that was not too confusing, coz if you grasped it, you certainly are in for a treat: Forget everything you “think” you “know” about life, and come with me on this brief journey… You are (soul or whatever) living in that body you have right now, and that body has so many different “cities” which make it function properly. In those cities are cells which makes up that whole body (earth); please bare with me. Your veins and arteries as the main highway to transport resources, to the different cities (organs) and those resources are packaged in blood cells, without these cells, there is no life. When the resources gets to these “cities” (organs), they are converted into the exact nutrients required for that city. Everything needs to work together in order to have a balanced stable health (economy). It is not acceptable to just expect “tourism” to cover all the city’s expenses, nor is it acceptable to just put all the cost on consumers by raising up taxes each time you let things get fucked by having incompetent untrained and corrupt people (cells) continue to poison the economy. That shit leads to cancer, and if you look at many “countries” (people), a lot of them have cancer. Their economy is fucked because their government is fucked, because their employees are fucked up, because THERE IS NO ONE IN CHARGE! No one is checking that the resources which gets sent to the liver actually get to the liver and does exactly what the liver needs it for. There is evidence that food (funds) was eaten (provided and consumed), so there must be resources in the city (body). Why is it that our Government schools teach technology lessons without the actual technology? Teaching biology and science only based on text. Whose idea was it to strip our imaginations and to rob those students who actually learned and thrived on practical lessons? Remember when you were still in Grade 1 when you had those coloring books? How about those blocks you used to count? And the puzzles? Do you remember them? I even remember those stories which had pictures in them, I loved reading those stories and I looked forward to the pictures drawn. Then suddenly when you went to the next grade, the stories and the blocks became less, until it was all just taken away. Not only that, but we had to learn everything in text, in a language we did not understand, while learning it. Like cooking a recipe that you have never heard of, using ingredients you are not familiar with. Just imagine that possible shit that will end up on the dinner table! South Africa needs real leaders and people who know what it means to run a country efficiently, until then, start prepping.

If all of the above is what it means for you to have a physical body, so many organs functioning as one to facilitate life, what about your soul (or whatever)? What are the “organs” functioning together as one to facilitate life? Aah! Light bulb 💡!  You’re welcome 😊.

For those who missed that 💡 moment: You have to read the post again from the start… I’m sorry, but that’s your next hope. I hope you don’t get stuck in a loop. But yes, seriously, go read from the start before continuing.

If you got the 💡 moment, I hope you feel good about your new discovery 😉, coz I sure did when I first discovered it.

Now… those voices in your head, they tell you what to do right? Yes, you may call them thoughts, but how do you get to know those thoughts? Do you hear them? Do you see them? Do you smell them? Do you taste them? Do you feel them? And if you are smelling them, where are you smelling them from? Okay okay! If you are seeing them, where do you see them and what do they look like? Also if you hear them, where do you hear them from and who’s voices are they? Another one 💡. You’re welcome 😊 again. If you say they are yours? How do you know they are your voice? They (plural) you (singular). So, whose voices are they? And where do they come from? Remember how our PC emits from it different noises unless it’s off? The fan, the other motors and so on, they all indicate their functionalities by the sounds they make. Some components indicate their functionality by light, some by color and others by smell, temperature and so on. Kinda like saying: Hey I exist. So who and what is existing in your head? Those voices, those ideas, whose are they? Really… Think about it. There are things in our heads, they may be human, they may not be human, but this to me is a clear sign that we’re not really alone, we never were, and we’ll never be. The voices are suggestions, whether we listen to them or not. Don’t you remember that time when you did something and it turned out somewhat fucked, then you recall hearing a voice telling you to rather do it the other way, or using a different route, but then you ignored it? But now when you look back and see that your plan failed, you realize how the other suggestion could have worked, but hey, it’s too late, now you can learn to get in touch with that specific voice in your head which seems to have the best interest at heart for you or continue to ignore it in order to see your life go up in flames.

Some voices are just evil, bad and fucked. These are the kind of voices which tell you to shit on someone’s lawn because you don’t have a home. Or the voice which tells you to go steal resources from someone instead of finding your own, these voices are everywhere in the animal kingdom. Or a voice which tells you to pay your employees shit through a needle hole, in order to maximize your profits. Not caring about their wellbeing or families. Only you deserve to have a good happy family, right? You have a ton of money, surely you can get anything you want, huh? How about a stable family dynamic? Money won’t fix your stinky attitude, money won’t buy you manners, money won’t buy you a perfect family, money won’t buy you love, no no no! Think again. So if you’re up there living a miserable life, why the fuck would you pay your employees well? You can’t stomach that they could be happy, you want them to be fucked, coz that keeps them desperate enough to work for you, coz if anyone didn’t HAVE to work for you, they wouldn’t be working for you, right? You make them come to work early in the morning even though they actually thrive on a different time schedule. You don’t care how long they have to drive until they get to work, as long as they are on time, you are fine. Only when it affects your profit then you take it into consideration, making the people work in their “lateness” but not paying them for overtime. You sit there in that massive empty house surrounded by people you convince yourself they “care” about you, conveniently forgetting that you also fucking HIRED them, and you pay them shit too. You have to pay them shit, because you don’t want them to rise and become your competition. You also know that the more fucked they are, they are most likely to make mistakes, so you can shout at them, making them feel like shit so you can feel like a boss. Then when you get into your office, you close the door and go to your bathroom, strip and jerk off while looking at yourself in the mirror, coz that’s manly and stuff.

I should reiterate that I don’t see the voices as excuses for us to be dicks. In fact I see it as an opportunity to be better, don’t take shit advice and your life should turn out okay. There is so much work needed to be done on the human race before true progression can take place. All these technological advances and the things we think are cool, such as going to space and buying craters on dead planets, all of it is still child’s play. There is so much potential waiting for the human race, if we get the basics right and stop evolving backwards to extinction. At this point, let me tell you this: Your plan HAS already failed. You MUST change direction before you can’t no longer, there is a short window which is already starting to close. If you want to get it right, you will need to TAKE ACTION FAST!

Getting to know your inner self is vital for your survival, and you have to desire to live to your full potential in order to put in the efforts for results desired.

I know… I know, it was a lot to take in. Take some time and work through this to really get in touch with your inner self, coz once you get that right, you are set for life and beyond.

Have a fantastic day further.

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