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Why humans are better than God

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I know that in the past I have been hammering on the fact that life is fucked, that everything has gone to shit; although all of that is true, there is a different side of things which I want to focus on today, and this is why I think humans are better than God.

Firstly let me say, open your mind as I show you how much potential you have. So, this is not a time to feel sorry for God but to feel great about yourself.  If you have been following my posts for a while now, you know that I have taken the time to show you why God and Satan are the same, better yet, God is worse than Satan, to read more on that mind bending shit, click here. I’m assuming that you are now up to page, that you know the basics, so I’m moving on. Let me clarify that the God I’m talking about here, is the God of the Christians hence Satan is in there too. With that said, I know that the versions of God everyone worships around the world are no exception to the following: If we are to believe that God created us and everything around us, we are quickly going to realize that all things considered, God (in general) did a somewhat shit job. I mean with all his powers and abilities this was the best he could come up with? Just bear with me, I can feel you in my head going crazy, so relax as I attempt to explain this in an accessible manner for you.

Whichever versions of God people all around the world worship (those who buy into religion) is usually a very able being right? Like these beings can do anything, absolutely anything for you. If you follow their rules, sacrifice to them and do all the requirements, your life should turn out okay-ish. My issue though is: with all the religions and all the religious people combined, the world is actually more fucked than it should be. So what is the problem? Okay, I see you’re still lost, so let me put it this way: say you’re playing a game, this game has gizmos which can help you progress faster, such as gems, coins and special items or weapons, BUT, you have to pay for those gizmos (like praying, sacrificing and all the relevant requirements in religion)  in hope to get the gizmos which help you move faster and have a better experience in the game (life). Imagine you are also in a team where you’re all playing for the end prize which includes a shiny trophy, and all the team members have paid for different gizmos to reach the goal quicker and also to have a better experience playing the game. While playing you realize that something is off, regardless of the extra gizmos, your team is not moving forward at all, in turn you spend your time going back and forth with each other, that this person’s gizmos are not good or strong enough, that person’s “this and that” is not accurate or working that well, and that all the team members should rather buy this one set of gizmos which everyone has, so that perhaps you can progress faster, but not everyone agrees to that plan. What do you think is gonna happen to that team? Will they win or lose? If you are honest, you’ll know that the team never actually stood a chance. The problem is not the different gizmos (religion). Yes, it does contribute to the general struggles, but the main problem is a bit more complex than that. On the surface, the problem is with the game, for having all those incompetent gizmos put in place and taking money from you. As I dig deeper, I see that the problem is actually with the developers of the game, because everything in the game is put in place by them and for a reason. Many people who are good with coding simply take that game and mod it, so they can play it without worry and stress. The problem though with life is, we barely know why we are here, where we are going and where we come from. So… modding this life proves to be really tough. Because even if you work hard, earn your wealth and and and… anything can still happen, there is only that much far money can go, because our needs are ever expanding as we live, and human behavior is somewhat unpredictable. 

I know that everyday we wake up we see that the sun did come up as it should and always has, so we plan our lives “knowing” that things will always work like that. But do they? Let’s look at this quickly: Do this small experiment for yourself… Tomorrow when you wake up, ignore your usual routine, don’t maintain your balance of things, whether that be a diet or a work out routine, neglect it for like a month, and see what happens. Dishes are not washed, you don’t bathe, you don’t clean your home, you eat whatever, how much ever, and whenever. Now that I see what that looks like in my head, I don’t think you should actually do it, if you have a good imagination like me, I think you see how fucked up that is. With that said, let me ask you a question: Why do you think things get fucked when neglected? Another question: looking at life as whole, would you say we are neglected or not? If we are not neglected, this means whoever/whatever is in charge of life, is really new at this ‘creating and managing’ life thing. If we are neglected, I say it makes sense, coz the evidence is all around us. I don’t want to go into details about all that jazz, coz if you’re not living in your own little bubble, you know that shit is fucked up.

I have played games which started off really nicely, then as the developers make new better games, your nice game gets neglected, and shit just gets more fucked up as you play. Eventually your game gets removed altogether and is replaced by a completely new game. But you don’t give a fuck about the new game, you want that one which you enjoyed for a long time, so now you play it just to say you played it, even though it crashes, and keeps losing your progress, you keep trying. Your game used to get new updates, but now… it’s been 3 years since a new update, you’re stuck in the last level, and you have played all the levels from beginning to end at least 4 times already, so you are bored AF. When I look at life, like when I go out to the shops, I see A LOT of struggles. I see a man standing in the sun wearing a hat and reflective uniform directing cars in the parking lot. I see him in winter too, when it’s raining and everyone just climbs into their cars and drive away as if he doesn’t exist. I see a LOT of women either sitting or standing by the tills waiting to swipe cards and take cash from shoppers as they touch and let go the things they definitely need to live another day (money and resources). I sometimes imagine at the end of the month before they get paid, their fridges are empty, their children went to bed hungry and yet, all day long they are surrounded by money and food, how fucked up must that be? I see an Uber driver rushing from one customer to the next, just so that he can make his monthly quota and some profit, if lucky enough. The same Uber driver also works part time at a cash and carry somewhere in his neighborhood, to supplement his awesome salary which Uber generously gives to him (sarcasm for those who missed it), on top of that I see people clearly battling with their weight, some are overweight, some underweight but they are all struggling with food. Sometimes when I walk into a shop I see a tired human standing there by the entrance to spray hand sanitizer on others, and this human looks overworked, and so many times he’s not acknowledged by the people he sprays the sanitizer on. Like a live pillar he stands by the door, completely ignored by 90% of people who walk through those doors, talk about being lonely around people. These people I see who are fucked up, they still have the capacity to smile at you if you take the time to talk with them, if you ask that man at the parking lot where Mugg n Bean is situated, he will point you to the right direction. Even that teller, if you ask her how she is, she will respond, because it feels good to be acknowledged. It’s very sad for me to go shopping, because inside those grand buildings, are broken humans all in search of a better life. Yet although we are broken, I guess the cracks let’s through a light which we never knew we had. I am so broken, that in order to live a better life, I have to create myself afresh, find a new style of everything, coz the old me is gone, and a new me is emerging. I can feel my harsh dry, dark and fucked season coming to an end, all my branches were naked, all the leaves which used to protect me had fallen off, I have experienced the harshest life mentally and physically possible for me. From here on, things MUST get better, that is what I expect. I have paid my dues… I think.

I see people’s pain wherever I go, however I see something else too. I see people who are trying to be better. Yes, there are still crimes, and there is still corruption, but there is a few people who are better than God, and those people are the ones who give a tip to that guy at the parking lot, those who buy that homeless guy a loaf of bread and milk, yes even you who adopt that child because their biological parents weren’t available or capable. I’m talking about the Uber drivers who come out of their cars to help you get your groceries in and out of their cars, even the teller who looks you in the eye and smiles back at you, perhaps they even crack a small joke. Even the people who donate to charities, not for tax purposes but out of the goodness of their hearts. There are so many of you out there, like that chef who, although gets overworked and underpaid, she still finds a way to make the customer return, by making delicious food with care and love. There are even some companies which pay their employees well regardless of what the market related salaries are doing. Yes, even that government official who fought for equality and actually wanted to implement changes for those in need, but then got fired coz he wasn’t corrupt as the others, even you sir or ma’am, you are all good people. Like I said, there are many of you out there who are better than God, and the more of you we get in this life, perhaps there is a chance that we all come together and be better together, like a large net which can carry a lot of fish, compared to one guy fishing alone in his tiny boat.

Why humans are better than God

Loosen your seat belts, coz I’m about to make you feel good: Whatever/whoever created life, made you that way. You think and behave that way because you were created to function that way, like those game developers I talked about. So in YOU there is good, good thoughts, good plans, good desires, and those good things are paralleled with bad things, like the bad voices and the bad things you see other people do. I know that it takes a lot of energy to do good things to others, because we ourselves want those good things for ourselves. What makes you better than God is, you had no choice to be that way, coz you did not create yourself, but God existed by himself, so all the shit things about him, is because he is just shit, and all the good things about him, is because he is just good. But when it comes to YOU, the good and bad was not your doing, it is a part of you, so the days when you do something good for someone, is because you chose to do good, you had two choices, to adopt this kid, or to leave them there, so you adopted them, and gave them a better life. When you drove away at that parking lot, you gave that guy a tip, you chose to do good. When you walked through those doors at Pick n Pay, you chose to greet that person who gets ignored a lot. When you saw someone in need and you had a little bit extra, you chose to share that with them instead of just ignoring them. When you watched that video on YouTube, you chose to subscribe to them because you are good.

If you still don’t see it, how you are better than God, I will try to show you. We as humans need each other, we need to get to know each other and be there for each other. What you may have a lot of, I may be in need of that and visa versa, but when we don’t get in touch with each other, we miss out on these chances to be good to each other. Choosing to do something good for someone makes you better than God, and I hope that’s what God wants for us, coz if we all become better than him, just imagine how beautifully the world would function.

As of lately I have been able to see some hope within the cracks, and the hope I see is in all of us, if we all just shift our perspective and REALLY acknowledge each other and the struggles we face, this hope becomes our reality.
Humans are better than God because although we are programmed to have good and bad, we have chosen to do good too, which means we have a lot of potential. We can achieve so much if we pass the main test: BASICS.
I know that more and more, people out there are waking up and working through the basics: racism, inequality, religion, overpopulation and all those kind of things. I have spoken about the basics before, do yourself a favor and read through some of my old work, there is so much waiting for you there.

In conclusion, I want to encourage you to do good. If enough of us do good, the bad will be outnumbered,  and then the scale tips to our favor. That is how we make the world a better place, by choosing to do good.

So there you are, I know that you have done some good shit in your life, even if it’s to a cat or an old friend, YOU ARE GOOD. So take this feeling that you feel right now (being better than God) and go out there and be kind to someone just because you can, not because the Bible told you so, or because you don’t want bad karma, but just because you are good, and feel how great that feels. I think I love you, yeah YOU, not in a strange way, but in a way that makes sense haha. Anyways, go out there and have a fucking great day.

I am probably gonna do a part 2 of this, so don’t stray too far.


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