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49 | Chapter 3


It’s dinner time, Brena and 49 are sitting at the dinner table, eating while catching up.

Brena: So how was school today?

49: The usual, nothing special.

Brena: Ahh! Yeah?…what did you learn?

49: Nothing special, but there is one girl who wants to be my friend… her name is Stella.

Brena: Oh…that’s great, Stella is a n…

49: (interrupts) Normal name?

Brena: I was going to say nice name. And there is nothing normal about the word even, so yeah. (Takes a huge gulp of wine)

49: Why then is no one else in my school having a name like mine?

Brena: Coz they don’t have me as their mother.

49: So… why did you call me 49?

Brena: I knew this day would come. Wait here.

Brena leaves the table and goes to 49’s room. Under the bed there’s a compartment where she put a glass box with important stuff. She then walks back to the table.

Brena: This is yours! (She gives 49 the box)

49: What is it?

Brena: Open it and see.

49: Uhm… what is the code?

Brena: You are the code.

49: Is the code 49?

She tries 49 on the keypad and the box opens. Inside she sees a diary.

Brena: That right there is why I named you 49. 

49 takes out the diary and opens the first page.

The diary reads: 
Today I went on my first spiritual adventure, when I was there I met a creature which looks like an octopus 🐙, except the tentacles had heads, like snakes. I call him Stan. Stan had wings such of a beetle and eyes like I’ve never seen before. When I look at Stan’s eyes, I see my life, my past, my presence and my future. Stan is my friend. I looked at Stan and asked him how many tentacles he has, he told me I should count it myself. As I started counting from one my journey ended.

Brena: You don’t have to read everything right now… It’s yours to keep.

49: Wow! Hold on, what type of spiritual adventure is this?

Brena: That you will have to figure out by yourself, and I know you will, coz you’re my daughter.

49: Will it tell me the answer to why my name is 49?

Brena: Yes. Absolutely. Now… where is that dog of yours?

49: I don’t know… he comes when he needs food. Can I go to my room now?

Brena: Sure, don’t stay up all night reading that. There is school tomorrow…

49: Yes! The school is always there everyday, I’m just not going tomorrow
because it’s Saturday.

Brena: OH MY! what happened to this week? I feel like I skipped a lot of days.

49: I know you will figure it out by yourself, you are my mother after all. (She says while walking to her room)

Brena: Get your own lines!!!

49 gets to her room and opens the very last day written in the diary and sees it reads: You must read the whole story from beginning to end if you really want to know! “Agh!!” she mutered.

On the other side of the street lives Stella, she lives with her father and brother, her mother left them when she was only 2 years old. Her father is the local sheriff and a well respected member of the community. Her brother is 2 years older (10) and he is very protective over her. This scene begins with Stella on her bed, drawing a picture of her and her almost new friend, as her brother Dan knocks on her door.

Stella: Who is it?

Dan: Take a guess!

Stella: Uhm… it’s Dan?

Dan: Maybe.

Stella: Okay, when you’re sure you can come in.

Dan: I don’t speak English…

Stella: Me too.

Dan: Can I come in?

Stella: I don’t understand English.

Dan: But you just spoke in English.

Stella: Likewise.

Dan: Okay, I’m coming in. (He opens the door and walks in) Don’t you think we should get a new ritual?

Stella: No, I like this one, it’s long enough for me to hide  my secrets before you come in.

Dan: Okay fine. Whatcha doing?

Stella: Nothing, just drawing.

Dan: Let me see… who is this with you?

Stella: It’s a new friend… well, she’s not my friend yet, she said she wants to think about it.

Dan: Think about what? And what is her name?

Stella: Her name is 49, she is really cool, she doesn’t care about what others say, she doesn’t care if the teacher doesn’t choose her or clap hands for her, she is really nice.

Dan: 49…. what is her real name? I mean, I have never heard anyone called 49 before.

Stella: That’s the thing, her name is 49.

Dan: Hmmm! That’s weird, but if you like her, you must introduce me one day.

Stella: Yeah sure. Do you have a girlfriend yet?


Stella: Who?

Dan: You!

Stella: Oh no! Gross! I can’t be your girlfriend.

Stella’s room looks like that of a princess, she loves fairies 🧚‍♀️ and winged angels hanging from the ceiling above her bed. Covered in colors of a rainbow her room is dreamy and mesmerizing. 

Stella: Dan?

Dan: Yeah?

Stella: Why did mom leave us?

Dan: Uhmmm… first you should answer my question.

Stella: Which question?

Dan: How was-uhm… how was your week?

Stella: (with a nagging tone) Dan…?

Dan: What?

Stella: Please tell me… why are you avoiding my question?

Dan: I am not avoiding your question, I am just interested to know how your week was.

Stella: Okay fine… answer me first, then I’ll answer you after.

Dan: I barely remember mom… I wish I could tell you. All I know is she and dad used to shout at each other a lot. That’s all the memories I have.

Stella: I hate memories.

Dan: Why?

Stella: They don’t have enough information.

Dan: Well… would you rather have a little bit of information or no information at all?

Stella: I don’t know… do you wanna go play a new game with me?

Dan: What game?

Stella: Uhm… it’s called detective. You interrogate someone about something you really want to know.

Dan takes a little while thinking 🤔 and is just sitting there quietly.

Stella: Dan Dan Dan… (Stella repeatedly calls his name)

Dan: Yeah? What?!

Stella: So… are you gonna play with me or not?

Dan: Who is the detective and what are they interrogating about?

Stella: (she gets off from the bed and skips across the room to her dresser and takes out a note pad) You’ll see.

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