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The Other Human


With billions of humans living among each other, there must be at least millions of personalities, preferences and behaviors. However, when I look at the world we live in, I see a world tailored to a very few of those personalities,  preferences and behaviors, meaning a whole lot of humans are stuck in a world that barely understands them, let alone accepts them.

To delve into this really nicely, let’s take it to the beginning: For those of us who grew up around formal education from school, I’m sure if we have good memories we can remember how we all had to hold the pen with our right hand, and use that instead of the left hand. I still remember some of the kids who had a hard time with the right hand, but had it easier with the left, and yet, they were forced to use their right hand like everyone else. That is just one example, many of us still feel out, in the world we thought was ruled by humans for humans, why is that? I mean, talk about basics, like racism and blah blah blah.

Do you ever sit and think that someone up there (you know, up there) sits down in a meeting with their delegates and decide on what trend they want the world to move into? I mean think of it, the very screen you’re reading this on, brings you so much more than just Incrementum’s posts, it brings you all kinds of suggestions: ‘Eat this burger instead, how about wearing this extremely expensive shoe just because it will make you feel special? Oooh! Look at this happy family, they have a nice car, 7 children and a wonderful home, and it’s a man and a woman (husband and wife). Look at it, not just once but every time your show goes on a break, or an ad pops up, you see the same family over and over again, until it looks normal and desirable to you’. In the beginning of these ads, it was also just one race doing those ads, then when that “race” realized there is more money to be made by including the other races, you started seeing other sorts of families on there too, also not just once but so many times, until you see that and think: if they could do it, so can I. That’s when you started your journey to oblivion, realizing slowly that those smiles you see on the screens don’t come that easy, even when you brush your teeth. Now you’re stuck with 5 kids and a wife or husband that you resent, constantly looking out the window, hoping for a way out, but you’re too sucked in. Maybe stick it together until the kids leave for university? How many years is that? Your youngest is only 8 years old, so… do the math. What the fuck happened to that happy family you saw? The one that reeled you into this madness? Oh well, that ad is too old, and has been replaced by new different ads, they sold you the product, you’re hooked and they move on to the next area of your life. How about that body of yours, huh? It has stretch marks yeah? From all the bloating and shrinking you do on a regular basis via diets fashioned exactly for that, from one diet to the next you jump, never really realizing that you’re stuck in a loop. Don’t worry, there is an ad for that too, buy this cream and let it take all your stretch marks away. If it leaves you with uneven skin tone, don’t worry about that either, just get the cream to even your skin tone, coz you bet it right, there’s an ad for that too.

What is this mold?

Do you ever feel like you don’t belong? You’re that person who likes to do things the opposite way, not intentionally,  but it just makes sense in your mind that way. So, instead of finding a partner of the opposite gender, you actually like the same gender as you. You’re tired of hearing people say what you’re doing is unacceptable and so on, so… you pretend to be “normal” even though it feels so upside down. But this pretending is eating at you, coz you only have this life, and here you are spending it being the opposite of who you really are. You start thinking of telling the people close to you, your parents are completely stuck in the mindset which was drilled into them for decades, of that perfect family from early on, remember them? The one with 7 kids. You have it tough though… I mean, not only do you prefer your own gender, but you also prefer other races than your own, so you have a double whammy on ya. Eish… I feel for you. While you reflect on that, let me touch on something else quickly.

The many humans

So… how many personalities do you think are there in the world? How many preferences and behaviors do you think are there? Now… let’s look at what seems normal and acceptable: man and woman is acceptable, hiding sex is acceptable, protecting criminals is acceptable, discrimination is acceptable, racism is acceptable and all the kak gibberish all over the world is acceptable BUT… let’s look at sex: sex is fine, right? As long as it’s private. With all the different humans out there, there are certain parts of sex which appeal to others which are unacceptable, such as porn. Yes, PORN. Do you watch porn? If you do, it must mean it appeals to you, coz if it didn’t you wouldn’t watch it, right? Now… how do you feel when you watch porn? Great, huh? I bet not, there’s probably a strange naked demon dangling it’s balls in your face while shaming you for looking at porn. So you do it in the dark, alone in the ceiling of your grandma’s house, even her basement will do, alongside all the freaky dolls with dead eyes looking through your eyes, beyond your existence into your afterlife, and it looks like you’re going to hell mate. Shit! You fucked up, you are going to be punished for watching porn. I know you don’t give a fuck about all that, coz you my dear are horny AF, and you have way too low self esteem to go and make real life connections, so you are stuck behind that screen. This is where things get unhealthy, you see… porn is not a problem, porn is like anything else really, like food, if you eat too much of it, you get health issues. You NEED that BALANCE, eat only what you need and move on with your day. There is so much bad stigma attached to porn, that many people watch it, while heavily weighed down by guilt. People in relationships thinking that watching porn is cheating… like really? Okay, let’s quickly look at cheating… what is cheating? Is cheating like a trick? You know, think of that game you played and this person was cheating AKA breaking the rules. So when you get into a relationship, do you have a set of rules? Can those rules change if the players are not getting the game or if the game proves to be too easy or difficult? But how about you? What are your rules about your life? Before you got into that relationship, you used to watch porn, coz I guess as per “your rules” it was okay, now you get into a relationship with someone who didn’t watch porn as per “their rules”, because they think watching porn is cheating. Now you are stuck together, you here, being the one who has to abandon your rule that watching  porn is okay, just for the other person. So… every now and then when they are not around, you take that screen and pump your brain with porn until you mind starts seeing penises and vaginas everywhere you go. You have deleted your browser history to be safe, but now because you’re hiding this secret from your partner and this part of yourself you had to let go in order to be with them, you are not your complete self anymore, you are constantly stuck in your head thinking about the next time you are alone, so you can drown yourself in porn again. So, not only are you looking forward to watching porn again, but you are also looking forward to the adrenaline rush… doing something that was agreed upon that you wouldn’t do. But that adrenaline rush has a fleeting high, so you need to find a way to make things more exciting. You start watching taboo or fucked-up porn or even watch porn when your partner is around (like in the bathroom or garage). You go as far as watching it next to your partner in bed, making sure they cannot see your screen. Eventually your partner catches you in the act, shit gets fucked and the relationship ends. WHOA!!! What the fuck just happened?
Yeah, what the fuck just happened?

Personalities, preferences and behaviors

We all have different personalities, preferences and behaviors. This means that while some people prefer “censored sex” (not porn) others actually prefer porn. Those porn actors, it’s their jobs to get fucked, so they get paid for that. I’m not talking about the illegal stuff, coz the illegal stuff is everywhere, not just in porn, so if you wanna make a stand against illegal stuff, get on with that list already, coz it ain’t gonna be short.

With all that said… watching porn is not something that people should be ashamed of. You got here because of sex for fuck’s sake 🙄,  get over it already. Sex is a part of our lives. Okay, here’s a fun fact: right now someone somewhere is getting fucked, yup… it’s happening. There are people who like other styles of sex, like bondage and pain, or the costume lovers and and and. Why the hell are the people who watch porn so judged? I am not advocating for anything, but all human’s preferences to be considered. Just because you write with your right hand,  it doesn’t mean the whole world should.

Who you should love

How many people have been against the person you chose to love? What did you do about it? What if that person who was not being liked was you? How would you feel about it? Living among people you know don’t approve? All of this takes me back to a post I wrote, that while we still battle with the basics, life won’t progress for the better, but evolve to extinction.
Do you remember those guys we spoke about? The guys on the very top, making those decisions on what should be trending now, what should be shown on the screens everyday?  Do you ever think of the plan they have for humanity? Looking at how things are going right now, what do you think that plan looks like, if you could fast forward to the next 50 years? I invite you to go on that journey, good luck on your findings, just make sure you have a bucket nearby in case you know?… Figure that one out.

I don’t feel like I have said everything, so maybe there’s a follow up post coming.

In conclusion I’ll say: There are way too many of us for the mold we must fit in, and that is a major problem which translates into a whole different array of problems: such as rape, murder and all kinds of crimes. Taking a large number of humans and trying to squeeze them into some imaginary box has proven catastrophic. It shouldn’t be permanent though, we can still make that needed change, and that starts with embracing EVERYONE, and giving them an opportunity to live a meaningful life. Hey you guys up there… you think you’re capable of that? Or do you like the chaos?

See you soon.

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