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Trusting the Process | Chapter 2


As Austin walks away from the burning city his head is filled with what has happened to him, he is concerned over Jasmine and he mourns for all the lives lost in Chrome City. He looks back regularly, making sure that he isn’t being followed by the monsters. He eventually sees a junkyard 2 kilometres in front of him and decides to go there.

Austin: There might not be food there, but it’s the last place they’ll think to look.

As Austin gets closer to the junkyard, he sees black smoke appearing from over a junk hill. He gets to the hill and peaks over and sees a family of 4 grilling some food.

Austin: Are you fucking crazy, put that out?!

The family are startled, quickly get up and grab their weapons.

Man: (panicked) Ge… get… get out of here!

Austin: I saw your smoke from 2 kilometres away, what makes you think those monsters can’t either?

Man: (scared) Look man, my family is hungry I need to feed them.

Austin: Then you should wait until the evening time, the black smoke will fade into the night sky.

Woman: You haven’t been outside at night yet, have you?

Austin: No, why?

Woman: The dark means nothing to the creatures. We thought the same way you did, but they still found us. We thought of trying it during the day because maybe they won’t see well in daylight or maybe they sleep. Or something like that.

Austin: I see… I am sorry then. I thought…

Woman: It’s okay, we know you were just trying to protect us. What’s your name?

Austin: It’s Austin… Austin Uncka.

Woman: Nice to meet you Austin, I’m Mary, he’s Jacob, and these are our twins Mandy and Matthew.

Austin: It’s nice to meet all of you.

Woman: Where did you come from?

Austin: Chrome City

Woman: Really? We were going there but saw that the whole place was on fire. We decided to rather look for supplies and come to the junkyard. We thought they wouldn’t really come looking for us here.

Austin: That’s what I thought too. How’s Jamesonville?

Woman: It got overrun by them. We managed to escape just in time. We went to Smithton after that, since it’s quite remote, but that place went to shit too. We did some food out of it. Do you want any?

Austin: Yes please, I am starving.

Austin takes some of the meat and eats it.

Austin: Where are you planning on going to next?

Woman: Jacob is an excellent carpenter. We were planning on going to Ulman Beach and building a boat there, then going out to sea to Madison Island. The island is uninhabited and we think we’ll be able to survive there for longer than on the mainland. And you?

Austin: That’s a good plan. I am heading to Novak City. My girlfriend is there, I want to find her. I told her to wait there.

Woman: Well then you better move quick, because if Chrome City got burned down this quickly, I don’t know what will happen to Novak City.

Austin: Look, when I find my girlfriend Jasmine, I will join you at Madison Island. Just leave me a sign at Ulman Beach if you finished your boat and left.

Woman: We’ll do that Austin. It was nice to meet you, take care of yourself, okay?

Austin: I will do mam, it was nice to meet you too.

Austin walks in the direction of Novak City, but is getting really tired.

Austin: If only I was a bird I could fly to Novak City much faster than I am walking now.

Poof Austin starts turning into a pigeon.

Austin: Whoah!

Austin flaps his wings and tries to fly, but he is struggling to lift up. He runs up and down trying to figure out how to fly. After trying for 2 hours, he finally gets the hang of it and flies off. He is mesmerized by the view, but quickly is pulled back to reality when he sees destruction and chaos all around him. He sets his sights on Novak City and flies straight to it. After 2 hours of flying he is feeling a bit tired and goes to rest. He lands close to a water source and starts drinking some of it. Suddenly a man sneaks up behind pigeon Austin and grabs him, putting him in a wooden create. The man takes the pigeon to a nearby fire and is planning on cooking the bird. Austin, panicking, wishes to change back to a man. And poof he does.

As he grows to a human, the crate shatters and the hungry man looks on shocked. He grabs his gun nearby.

Austin: Woah! Stop it, sir! Put the gun down!

Man: How do I know you’re not one of those things?

Austin: I’m not, okay. I have a normal head.

Man: Then how did you turn from a pigeon into a man?

Austin: It’s a long story okay, some old man injected me with stuff that does this to me now. Look, I mean no harm. I just want to get to Novak City and find my girlfriend.

Man: Novak City? I’m going there too.

Austin: Really? So I can join you then?

Man: Certainly not, I’m not riding with you. I don’t trust you. Now get out of here or I will kill you.

Austin: I’m tired sir, I’ve been flying for hours and walking for longer than that. Can I not rest in that barn over there?

Man: (cocks gun) I said leave or you are not leaving alive here at all!

Austin: Okay sir, I’ll leave. Put the gun…

Man: Leave! Just fucking leave!

Austin walks away making sure to look behind his back. He fears more people will find out about his powers and perhaps some won’t even ask him to leave, but kill him.

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