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Proposition Sentience | How Robots Became Sentient | Chapter 2


Agent: Sir, we took care of all the influencers, but one managed to escape. Maple Sally.

Main Agent: (punches down on table) Escaped?! How did this happen?!

Agent: Our intelligence show that someone had knowledge about what we were doing and tipped off all the influencers, but Maple Sally was the only one who listened.

Main Agent: Do you know where she is going or what her last position was?

Agent: We are guessing that she is heading to Peru. The last time we saw her, she was south of Mexico. We can’t look for her anymore sir.

Main Agent: (throws his coffee mug against the wall) Fuck! Okay, let the South American countries know that she is a terrorist or something and that we are seeking permission to hunt her down. Tell them anything to give us access to find her.

The phone rings. From the caller ID one can see that it is the president of North America.

President: Thomas! How are you doing? Are we ready to move to phase 3 of our plan?

Thomas/Main Agent: Not quite sir, but I assure you we are working overtime to wrap up phase 2.

President: Good to know Thomas. Oh yeah, by the way, I just wanted to let you know that you have a week to “wrap up” phase 2, otherwise I will find someone else who can. There is a lot riding on this plan Thomas, including your family’s safety.

Thomas: I know sir and I understand. I will fix this.

President: Good, I’ll phone you a week from now.

The call ends as Thomas sits down and puts his head between his hands.

Thomas: You’re dismissed Marlon, sort this out for me.

Marlon: Sir, yes sir.

An advertisement appears on the TV.

TV Personality: Do you love your family? Do you want them to be safe, happy, fulfilled and discover a life better than what they already have? Well then make sure to sign up for the Ark Program. The North American government is aiming to transfer the consciousness of 70% of the population by the end of the year, so make sure you are on that list. Your consciousness will be stored on the Ark, a state-of-the-art supercomputer that allows you to live another or a different life. You never have to fear death, crime, traffic or anything. You create your own reality and you write your own future. So sign on up to preserve humanity and live forever. Death can come at any point, so make sure not to wait too long. The Ark Program. Building a better future, today.

Sally is seen running in the forests of Peru, with men chasing her. She jumps over fallen trees, slides down mud hills, etc. She eventually reaches a waterfall, thinks about jumping off, but decides to rather throw her backpack down the waterfall and then climb up a nearby tree. It works, the military thinks she jumped off the cliff. They send troops to the bottom of the waterfall and walk away. Hours pass as Sally climbs down the tree. As she comes down, a villager spots and walks up to her.

Villager: What are you doing, mam?

Sally: (startled) I was looking for some fruit in the tree.

Villager: These are not fruit trees. If you are hungry, follow me to my village. We have plenty of food there.

Sally is cautious but still decides to follow the villager. She gets to the village and sees it’s filled with kind, happy and excited humans. She stays the night, but leaves early the next morning scared that the military might show up looking for her.

She walks away and heads to the local’s beach. As Sally arrives at the beach, smoke can be seen in the distance (behind her). It’s a fire back at the village.

Marlon: Sorry sir, she got away again. The locals told us where she is going… Yes sir, we did take care of them.

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