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The Human Migration


The arctic tern is a strongly migratory species, seeking an all year round summer. They migrate twice a year, from the Antarctic region all the way to the arctic region, but the arctic fern isn’t the only migratory species. Other birds, caribou, wolves, elephants, zebras etc. also migrate. The reason for the migration could be related to temperature, food, water or mating. Humans used to be migratory species as well, in fact, the indigenous Himba people still migrates freely between Namibia and Angola.

The modern human, however, is not allowed to migrate across countries unless they have lots of money. Do you have a job offer available in another country? Sure you can migrate. Do you have a study opportunity available abroad? Come right on in. Are you a billionaire who can afford to build a house in any country? Welcome to that country then. Are you a random person who wants to move to another country because you are seeking a warmer climate, a soul mate, better services, work opportunities, etc.? Well sorry for you, we can’t let you in.

Even though the progression of humans has brought us so close and has made the world smaller (think about chatting with strangers online), it has also created barriers which never existed before. Passports and visas have become the new norm with countries outlawing foreigners as they fear that these people would take jobs away from the locals, degrade communities, and more. While some of the points are valid, these decisions have also stripped away functions that are core to humans. We have so many different cultures, languages, countries because people were allowed to migrate. We have progressed so much because our ancestors were able to migrate. If society collapsed, if humans never progressed this far, if we reverted to our natural selves, migration wouldn’t be an issue, it would in certain situations even be necessary. By making migration so difficult for people, we are taking away a core right. The right to movement, wherever we want.   

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