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Dream | Chapter 6


It starts off with Dream and Heart walking down the river.

Heart: Look at those beautiful white flowers ahead of us.

Dream: Don’t be so sure they are flowers, what I have learned about this place is nothing is as it seems.

Heart: What do you mean? Are you talking about the honey river, and strange colors of grass and flowers and everythin….. yeah, I just answered myself.

Dream: Yup! That’s why I haven’t eaten anything from this land, I still haven’t figured it out yet.

Heart: speaking of eating, I am feeling hungry right now… and the wonderful smells are not making it easy, it’s like everything is asking us to eat it. Even the rocks look so soft and delicious (proceeds to lick a rock).

Dream: Get a hold of yourself… just joking,  what does it taste like?

Heart: Uhm… it tastes like tears with sprinkles of dust and blood.

Dream: Whoa!!! That’s interesting.

As the two walk, they get closer and closer to the “white flowers”.

Heart: Hmmm, now this smells good.

Dream: What ARE these?

Heart: Uhm… flowers?

Dream: What kind of flowers?

Heart: I have seen them many times where we come from… they are called uhm…. agh forget it, I have never seen them.

Why take me go on a useless mental trip with your false stories?

I was just trying to feel important okay. It’s not that…..

Pop, pop!!! The popcorn pops open

Heart and Dream: Whoa!!

Dream: Did you see that?

Heart: Did YOU see that?

Dream: I’m gonna taste one, it just smells so good.

Heart: Let me taste first, then if I’m okay you can taste too.

Dream:  After you your kindness!

Heart picks one of the popcorn and chews it!

Heart: Hmmm it makes my tongue dance.

Dream: I…. I can’t wait anymore, (ghup, ghup, ghup!! As she eats away at the popcorn flowers)

Dream: This is the best meal I have ever had.

Heart: I’ll have to agree with you on this one. Whow whow, whow! Why are you shrinking?

Dream: Me shrinking? What are you talking about? (Dream looks back at Heart and sees that he is growing slowly) Oh my grass!! (she exclaims and her jaw drops down low).

Heart: Something is happening to me.

Dream: I think we should stop eating these strange flowers.

Heart: Yeah, we should (while he continues to eat).

Dream: Just look at yoursel…. whoa, the ground is moving away from me…

Heart: Oh well, I guess we have grown now… these flowers are magic.

Dream: Now all of a sudden I feel great. It’s nice to be big. We gotta keep moving, a… aaand no more eating until we find my mom.

Heart: (ghup ghup!!!) Yeammm! (speaking with a mouthful of popcorn).

Come on, let’s go.

Heart: Yeah, where are we going?

Dream: It’s so much easier to see far away, now that I’m much bigger. Let’s go up that hill, I have a good feeling about it.

Heart: Lead the way my hay!

Dream and Heart walk up the hill and find fresh shit, just a couple of hours old.

Dream: This is good news, right?

Heart: I guess so. All I know is whatever took a shit here is massive, unless it was a group.

Yeah… makes sense, could be my mother, you know?

Heart: Yes of course, or something else, like the bears for example.

Dream: Oh well, whatever it is, let’s follow the shit trail and see where it goes.

Dream and Heart keep walking until they find the small water pond.

Heart: Aaah!!! Something familiar, I’m gonna have a drink

Dream: Cownt me in.

They drink some water, and then stop and sit down for a “quick rest”.

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