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I Regret Getting Vaccinated


3 months ago I made up my mind, I was going to ball up my fear over the COVID-19 vaccines and get vaccinated. The past many months prior to my vaccination my head was being contaminated by conspiracy theories from twitter, YouTube, reddit and in my own town about what the vaccine would do to me and how it could potentially destroy my life or kill me.

18-34 year olds could now finally be vaccinated in my country and with the slow rate of vaccinations, I decided that I needed to step up, to show that it was safe and help get the country back to where it once was pre-COVID. Unfortunately, things didn’t go so smoothly.

The day after the vaccine I started having serious adverse events. My chest would hurt a lot whenever I would lie down (which only happened at night), it felt like it was on fire and something large was pressing down on it. The pain would also sometimes move to my right or left shoulder. On top of chest pain, my arm felt really numb and faint pain not at the injection site, but close-ish to my elbow. I developed a constant dizziness, which would escalate in nausea meaning that exercise was out of the question, after all, would you like exercising and feeling that you are going to fall over and start vomiting? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

I waited a month before going to the doctor, after all I thought I was just having some rough side effects. The doctor said my blood pressure was sky high and a bunch of other shit I can’t remember now. I had my blood pressure checked out a few months prior to this and it was normal, so this definitely came out of nowhere. I did more checks, my cholesterol was good and my blood sugar levels were good too. At this point the doctor suggested that the dizziness could be caused by blockage in my ear. At the end I got my ears syringed and it didn’t improve anything at all. Another month and a half went by and my chest was still hurting, I was still dizzy and I was still nauseous every day. I finally went to another doctor and she has been trying to help me out with this issue ever since. She cannot figure out what’s going on and believes that blood tests and possibly x-ray scans might be necessary. At the moment she has advised me not to take any more doses because she does believe that the vaccine could’ve caused all these problems. My blood pressure is average again, after making some dietary changes (eating a bit less salt). I have increased my salt content since then and the blood pressure levels are still fine, so yeah.

Do you know what it’s like to feel dizzy every single fucking day for 3 months straight? Having to stop exercising and having to get up like an old man just to improve your dizziness, having to wake up every morning and wonder if you are going to feel like shit today or if it will be a bit of a better day? I cannot confirm if the vaccine caused all these issues, but it definitely looks like it right now. I tried contacting my country’s health department to have them look into my adverse events, but they never looked into it. They sent me a couple of e-mails and one phone call. That’s it.

If I can get these issues sorted out and I know the vaccine wasn’t to be blamed for all this, I would gladly take a second dose. But because it all looks like it was the jab’s fault, at this moment I regret taking the vaccine. I wanted to help others out, I wanted to help eradicate COVID-19, but instead I got ongoing 3-month-long chest pain, dizziness and nausea. Perfect, isn’t it?

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