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Covid-19 disastrous conundrum 2

Read by: ASSIDUO

Lost battle

We fucking lost the battle! It makes sense. We are so fucked as humans, how the hell did this happen? Why the fuck did it happen? Answers below!

If you haven’t read the first part of this post, you’re gonna be a little lost, so go on now and hop on there quickly then come back to read this one. Let’s get into it:

How did we lose the battle to Corona virus? We are smart aren’t we? I mean look at everything we have accomplished: flying machines, submarines, bicycles, computers and the INTERNET. I mean just look at that, and then continue on to wonder how we fucking lost the battle to Covid-19. It doesn’t matter if Greece has their economy stable since Covid hit, that is like looking at one puzzle piece of the whole picture and thinking you have solved the puzzle. Mazel tov for managing the pandemic okay-ish I guess, but if covid is still at large in other countries, you have not succeeded, because it will always find a way into your country regardless. In fact it’s way too late now coz remember… we have failed, we lost the battle to a tiny invisible (to our naked eye) virus, let that sink in. Not just one country that failed, but many countries combined.


Let’s start with China, although China is on the leading front of human evolution, it’s unfortunate that they are also a leading front in corruption. I know the other post I wrote about China, and I still think they has some of the fundamental things kind of right, but they lack the proper equation and doing calculations with an incorrect equation yields bad results.

That is why because of China’s way of “running calculations” using wrong equations, the whole world now has to pay the price. Just from one fucked decision: concealing the truth about Covid-19 and silencing those who wanted to help. Now look at your mess China, I HOPE YOU ARE ASHAMED.

Even with the camps that you have trying to force religion out of other people, that is just vilolating and wrong… Get your shit fixed, coz otherwise, the shit that has already hit the fan, is gonna start dripping on you, and that is not gonna be fun.

South Africa

I think we have one of the highest numbers of unvaccinated people regarding covid. President Ramaphosa, I feel for you. It’s just unfortunate that you came into presidency at such a shit time. I mean just looking at the mess from the ANC and all the nonsense caused by Zuma, I understand that you just being one man, you can’t fix all of this by yourself. You need a great team Mr president, you NEED strong leaders and those who have a heart for their beautiful country, not a heart for their own stomachs and their own agendas. Here is a bone I would like to pick with you:

You CANNOT move South Africa forward under the heavy corrupt chains of the ANC. Mandela’s legacy turned into a giant fart in everyone’s faces. Wherever he is, I’m sure he’s not resting in peace. With all that said: I’m tired of wearing masks, they are really warm especially in summer, and they hide people’s beautiful faces. Now we all look like criminals from the medical ward of a sci-fi horror movie. I will touch on the psychological effects in a short while. I’m also tired of social distancing. Moreover, I am disappointed at the government’s response for people who encountered health issues after taking the vaccine.

My boyfriend and I got vaccinated last year, and not a week after that, we got ill. When we’d visit Dr’s they just plain suggested that it can’t be the vaccine, even though research showed that not much is known about the effects the vaccine could have on some individuals. Therefore, to dismiss the issues we were facing is completely incompetent, unacceptable and condescending.

I went to Karhl Bremer hospital struggling to breathe after the vaccine, and was just told to sit in a waiting room with like 20 people in front of me, with a green sticker which meant my issue was not serious at all. Fearing to die all alone there, after 30 minutes which felt like 2 hours, seeing that the line had not moved once…I left to go rather “die” at home. It was such bullshit I felt so dumb for getting vaccinated you know? I was trying to do good for the greater part, and it blew up in my face.

I honestly never wanted to get vaccinated, but my boyfriend is a scholar, and for his travels, he was gonna need it.

I got vaccinated to support him, coz if anything were to go bad, we’d be in it together. His vaccine side effects are still persistent. His heart is not functioning as it should :(. We went back and forth with Dr’s (private and public) and got nowhere. Since August last year, we’ve had issues and guess what date the government hospital gave him to come get checked up: June this year, 10 fucking months after the vaccine.

You know what they’re waiting for? For him to either die, so they can say it’s not the vaccine, or for the issue to eventually resolve itself because POTS will get better from 6 months onward, and ALL his symptoms points to it. By the time he gets checked up by a cardiologist, the vaccine effects may be resolved if he doesn’t die before then. This is not right Mr president, you need to resolve this.

Our government hospitals are a joke, I’d rather die than go back there, but for those I love, and because I can’t afford better, I find myself at the mercy of these hospitals time after time! So many shit experiences from Dr’s and nurses who are just there to collect their pay, it’s sickening. Of course it’s not all of them, just those many which I tend to come across

Psychological effects of wearing masks and social distancing.

I look at my life before Covid-19 and now, and there is a huge difference. When I had to stay at home, I moved less because, where would I go? I was afraid to die, afraid to go out there and get Covid-19, so I stayed at home. What started off as 3 weeks of lockdown became our new reality. Kort kort there is a new variant, while lockdowns and state of emergency get extended, not for our good or well-being, but for the government’s good. I definitely became more depressed.

I never knew there were levels to depression, until all Covid-19 related issues hit. I never knew there was lower than rock bottom until lock down and social distancing started. I mean can you even imagine boulder bottom? It’s way lower than rock bottom and that’s a fucking lonely place… a place where you can hear your thoughts thinking, yeah you read it right. And there are absolutely no measures in place to help people deal with the effects of the pandemic, because MENTALLY WE’RE ALL ON OUR OWN.

I feel very sad to be alive, because a life lived solely trying not to die is no life at all, it’s TORTURE! If that was only limited to those 3 weeks I would find ways to cope, but this is just way too much to handle. I cannot even begin to imagine the stress on president Ramaphosa’s shoulders.

All I know is, his stress however CANNOT be in anyways on the same level as my stress, your stress, the stress of all the citizens of South Africa without the extra income or savings to cushion and pamper themselves with the extra bits of this and that, because right now we’re just trying not to die. Can you call that living? Even so… what’s being done right now to deal with the pandemic is far from good enough, even with the R350, which I started receiving by the way, I am grateful but it’s not enough sadly.

All governments

I, I don’t know about everyone else, but I here, don’t think too high of a leader who lavishes themselves in wealth while their people scramble for a living. I’m sorry, I just don’t have respect for that. Imagine a parent who eats 5 course meals everyday while their children eat pap and eggs everyday. Does that sound like great parenting to you? Well…that’s how life is, your president gets paid A TON of money, probably has a lot of businesses and foundations to last them 49 generations on onwards, while they tax you for bread and milk, all the while failing to show you where that tax money is going. I’m not surprised, IT’S A HUMAN THING.

I saw it growing up with my parents. We were never treated as equals growing up, and we’re not equals now. Here’s one example: when a chicken was slaughtered, we as children got the shittiest parts of it, the neck the wings (probably why I like wings although they barely have anything on) and they took the really nice parts like the drum sticks and breasts, the really meaty parts you know? I don’t remember once where after the chicken was cooked, we as children were given first choice. As I grew up, I began seeing the same trend in the general life.

The president will advocate for people to get vaccinated, even show himself getting the jab. He’s not too worried about side effects coz his medical insurance is probably worth your whole salary for 6 months. So… you can be sure if anything goes wrong, they’ll be on him in just minutes, and what do we have to deal with these side effects? Government hospitals giving you almost a year waiting period, JUST TO GET THE CARE YOU NEED. Now that I have touched on all that, I don’t think the president is stressed at all! Coz what the fuck is there for him to stress about?


I don’t think anyone knows how to deal with this, because even closing your borders for 2 years like Australia did is not good enough, because the countries depend on each other. Sure you can shut down tourism for a period of time, but not indefinitely and this is our new future. I feel confused about Australia because now they have opened up the borders, coz they need the money.

They are even stealing from visa fees from people who applied and couldn’t get in because THEY chose to shut the borders for 2 fucking years. Now that they are done crippling their economy, they go around scrambling like idiotic thieves by stealing visa fees (spits on the ground) sies man! Sies. Ask an Afrikaaner to help you past that one.

My boyfriend’s visa was denied a refund after this two year ordeal. Sure they used to deny visas before, but NOW? Now we all know for sure they are stealing. Fucking thieves. Are they prepared at all to deal with tons and tons of cases? Time will tell.


This is merely a reminder that we as humans are not fantastic nor on top of the food chain. With global warming and the ice caps melting, prepare yourself for the very worst, coz this Covid-19 is only an appetizer.

The main course is still coming, and at this rate, we ain’t even nearly ready to handle that. Like an overly zealous person sitting at a restaurant ordering a meal, unaware that the starter is not the whole meal. He goes on and orders a couple of beers and fills up on complimentary drinks and food, that when the main meal comes, as delicious as it looks, he cannot help but just look, you should see his face when he finds out there is still dessert.

If Covid-19 was a university entry exam, WE FAILED! Y’all not getting no Degree.

I cannot even imagine what other people are going through as a result of the pandemic. All I know is that, many of us find ourselves in really fucked situations, which leads us to eat a little bit more in order to compensate for that thing we’re all missing.

As a result we gain weight, then we don’t feel as pretty anymore, so we try to lose weight to no avail, only to find ourselves stuck in a loop of losing and gaining weight. Something needs to change. All I know is I am gatvol of wearing masks. I am tired of feeling like I’m already dead. I’m sure at this point if there was a way to navigate without sight, these masks would be covering our entire faces, just so that we can all just shut up and stop functioning.

I’m at my wits end with this pandemic. If this fucking virus is not leaving, wearing this masks is not gonna cut it anymore. So… what’s next? What is next Mr president?

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