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About Incrementum

Incrementum is a Latin word which means growth. Growth is a constant and automatic process, however, this is limited to our physical bodies. Mental and spiritual growth on the other hand takes work, hard work, deep soul searching and heavy construction. If we are not up for the task we remain feeble and afraid to challenge our beliefs, chaining ourselves to things we used to believe in just so we don’t have to start afresh.

We are born surrounded by voices telling us who to be and how to do it on a daily basis. Until we find our own voice, we will always be in the background. I broke free from that and so can you. If you truly want to know yourself, you are at the right place. I will not tell you who you are, you are going to figure it out, and I will be here sharing my experience with you in hope that it makes your journey to your true self manageable and fun. You don’t have to do it alone anymore. Grow with me. We should never stop growing until we stop living.

- Mahlatse Ndou

Pseudonym: Incrementum
(Founder & Writer)

Incrementum contains a wide range of content, some funny, some crazy, some deep and everything in between. Well, my (ASSIDUO's) posts are the "everything in between" 😛

I am interested in a whole range of topics, it being gaming, technology, science, politics, religion, education, gardening and loads more. I also write short stories. I am known to get very technical sometimes yet very honest, but I make sure to put effort, time and thought into my content. I am also the developer of this website (the look).

- Lenard Carroll
Pseudonym: ASSIDUO
(Developer & Writer)

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